Gear Noise - Challenge and Success Based on Optimized Gear Geometries


Gear Noise - Challenge and Success Based on Optimized Gear Geometries Dr. Franz Hoppe and Dr. Burkhard Pinnekamp, Renk AG For gear transmissions different levels of requirements with regard to noise excitation have to be matched. Industrial applications for conveyor belts or cement mills are without doubt much less sensitive with respect to noise emission than military applications, e.g. for navy ship propulsion. However, also for industrial applications the air borne and structure borne noise behavior more and more becomes an important feature. RENK has been developing optimum gear units for all applications with a transmitted power level ranging up to 145 MW. This paper describes requirements and solutions with regard to noise behavior focusing on examples taken from navy applications and wind turbine gear transmissions. The individual approaches have to be a suit-able compromise to meet the challenge of noise requirement and cost optimization without any restriction on gear load carrying capacity. Therefore, there is no general but individual solution for optimum design. The paper comprises basic considerations with regard to gear noise, noise requirements and measurements at shop and field tests in comparison to gear geometry and calculation results.
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