Tooth Meshing Stiffness Optimisation Based on Gear Tooth Form Determination for a Production Process Using Different Tools


Authors: Dr. Ing. Ulrich Kissling, Dipl. Ing. Markus Raabe, Dr. Michael Fish, KISSsoft AG
The variation of the tooth meshing stiffness is a source of noise and the exact calculation of tooth form is
important for the stiffness determination. For this purpose, software was written with the concept of an
unlimited number of tools such as hobs, grinding disk, and honing defining a manufacturing sequence. The
tooth shapes after each step to show the material removal, sliding and rolling vectors to optimize the tool life
are determined. Additionally, meshing stiffness variation can be improved by optimization of final gear
geometry with a calculation of the contact path under load. From this information the meshing stiffness is
derived making it possible to study the effect of a proposed profile correction of a gear under different loads.
Calculations with AGMA2001 or ISO6336 check the point with the highest root stress. Effect of a grinding
notch is also included.
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