Finite Element Study of the Ikona Gear Tooth Profile


Authors: John R. Colbourne, University of Alberta and Shubin Liu, Ikona Gear International
The Ikona gear tooth profile is a patented non--involute tooth profile for internal gear pairs. Gears with this
profile have the following properties: the teeth are conjugate; the contact ratio is very high; there is no tip
interference, even when only a one--tooth difference between the pinion and internal gear; there is minimal
backlash; and the gears can be cut on conventional gear--cutting machines. Large reduction ratios can be
achieved by a single gear pair and a high contact ratio results in lower tooth stresses than for a similar involute
gear. Plus, minimal backlash makes the Ikona profile ideal for many applications, such as servo--drives,
medical prostheses, and robots. Stress analysis of these gears assumes that the contact force is equal at
each contacting tooth pair. Finite element results demonstrate how the number of tooth pairs in contact may
increase under load. Finally, an estimate will be presented, showing the variation of tooth force between the
contacting teeth.
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