Bending Fatigue, Impact Strength and Pitting Resistance of Ausformed Powder Metal Gears


Powder metal (P/M) process is making inroads in automotive transmission applications because of substantially lower cost of P/M steel components for high volume production as compared to wrought or forged steel parts. Although P/M gears are increasingly used in powered hand tools, gear pumps, and as accessory components in automotive transmissions, P/M steel gears are currently in limited use in vehicle transmission applications.
The primary objective of this project was to develop high strength P/M steel gears with bending fatigue, impact, and pitting fatigue performance equivalent to current wrought steel gears. Ausform finishing tools and process were developed and applied to powder forged (P/F) steel gears in order to enhance the strength and durability characteristics of P/M gears, while maintaining the substantive cost advantage for vehicle transmission applications.
This paper presents the processing techniques used to produce Ausform finished P/F steel gears, and comparative bending fatigue, impact and surface durability performance characteristics of Ausform finished P/F steel gears, as well as conventional wrought steel gears.
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