Code of inspection practice - Part 1: Measurement of cylindrical gear tooth flanks
ISO/TR 10064-1:2017
ISO/TR 10064-1:2017


This document supplements ISO 1328-1:2013. It provides a code of practice dealing with measurements on flanks of individual cylindrical involute gears, i.e. with the measurement of pitch, profile, helix and tangential composite characteristics. It describes measuring equipment, provides advice for gear measuring methods and for the analysis of measurement results, and discusses the interpretation of results.

Measurements using a double flank tester are not included (see ISO/TR 10064-2). This document only applies to involute gears.


This document was prepared by ISO/TC 60, Gears.

This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO/TR 10064-1:1992), which has been technically revised. It also incorporates the Technical Corrigendum ISO/TR 10064-1:1992/Cor. 1:2006.

The following changes have been made:

  • the contents have been updated to correspond with ISO 1328-1:2013;
  • additional material has been added on the proper setup and use of measuring machines, and how the measurement results can be used to determine the corrective steps needed to improve the gear tooth flank tolerance class.

A list of all parts in the ISO/TR 10064 series can be found on the ISO website.