Gear Material Selection and Construction for Large Gears Author: F.C. Uherek


For gears larger than 3 m (10 feet), construction of gear blanks tend to divide into cast steel, ductile iron, and forged rim welded web structures for use in cylindrical grinding mills and kilns. This paper will review the application, various options for material selection, and the impact of selection on tooth geometry. A group of sample gears are developed to compare each of the materials and method of blank construction. Each sample is discussed in light of structural stress, deflection, expected life, handling weight, material origin, fabrication method, inspection requirements during construction, and impact of selection on field performance. Based on the above, a roadmap is developed listing critical considerations and optimal use of each material and method of construction in this application.
ISBN: 1-978-61481-044-5 Pages: 14
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