High Gear Ratio Epicyclic Drives Analysis Author: A. Kapelevich


Epicyclic gear stages provide high load capacity and compactness to gear drives. There is a wide variety of different combinations of planetary gear arrangements [1, 2]. For simple epicyclic planetary stages when the ring gear is stationary, the practical gear ratio range varies from 3:1 to 9:1. For similar epicyclic planetary stages with compound planet gears, the practical gear ratio range varies from 8:1 to 30:1.
This paper presents analysis and design of epicyclic gear arrangements that provide extremely high gear ratios. Using differential-planetary gear arrangements it is possible to achieve gear ratios of several hundred to one in one-stage drive with common planet gears and several thousand to one in one-stage drive with compound planet gears. A special two-stage planetary arrangement may utilize a gear ratio of over one hundred thousand to one.
This paper shows an analysis of such uncommon gear drive arrangements, defines their major parameters, limitations, and gear ratio maximization approaches. It also demonstrates numerical examples, existing designs, and potential applications.
ISBN: 978-1-61481-063-6 Pages: 12
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