Molecular Decomposition Process = Electrochemical Assisted Precision Form Grinding


Molecular decomposition process (MDP) is an anodic dissolution process (electrochemical) whereby the work piece is the anode and the grinding wheel is the cathode. Specific controls of electrical, mechanical and chemical actions are applied to enable the MDP system to remove stock without mechanical or thermal deformation. This process enables stock removal rates in sample materials such as nickel and titanium alloys to occur at rates more aggressively than conventional creep-feed grinding. Migrating the system to employ super-abrasives greatly increases the rate of stock removal. The anodic process implemented permits the perishable wheel geometry to be preserved which equates to longer perishable life and dimensional stability, which enables longer production runs with consistent dimensional results.
MDP has proven to produce gear involute geometries from "as supplied" blanks with minimal stock for finishing. Roughing and finishing of forms in full hardened 4140 tool steel yielding an MDP produced product with surfaces to less than 1 Ra µin while maintaining dimensional stability to achieve a 1.67 CPK. The MDP system removes large or small amounts of stock while providing a safe work environment for operators and the environment.
ISBN: 978-1-61481-093-3 Pages: 11 Author: J.A. DeAngelo
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