Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Frictional Losses of Radial Shaft Seals for Industrial Gearbox


In this paper SKF presents an engineering model for the prediction of radial lip seal friction based on a physical approach. The friction model includes the generation of friction due to rubber dynamic deformation and lubricant viscous shear between the surfaces of a seal and a shaft. The friction model is coupled with a heat generation and seal thermal model. Indeed, seal friction and seal temperature are closely related: the heat generated in the sealing lip is conducted through the seal and shaft and dissipated into the environment. This changes for instance the lubricant viscosity.
The model is verified step by step in an extensive experimental study. Measurements of seal friction, seal temperature and lubricant film thickness have been performed for various dynamic lip seals. The analyzed parameters are: surface speed, oil viscosity, seal material, seal size, seal lip style and duty cycles. The correlation between model predictions and experimental friction measurements can therefore be verified.
ISBN: 978-1-61481-106-0 Pages: 12
Authors: M. Organisciak, P. Baart, S. Barbera, A. Paykin M. Schweig
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