Application of a Unique Anti-Wear Technology - Ion-Sulfurized Lubricating Gradient Material


This Ion-sulfurization, also called plasma sulfurization, is a state-of-the-art technology conferring excellent anti-friction and wear-resistant characteristics on metallic parts including gears, splines, and bearings. It is characterized by a sulfur-proliferated zone composed of sulfides and sulfur-metal solid solution case with smooth sulfur compositional gradient towards the underlying substrate. Varity of metals and alloys, including steels, cast irons, super-hard alloys, and bronze, are suitable for ion-sulfurization. This treatment is carried out at low temperature, so that geometric integrity, microstructure and mechanical characteristics of the substrate are not impaired. Ion-sulfurized gears and bearings shorten the run-in time span of the machinery/automotive units. Even more, the contact fatigue in gears and splines can be noticeably reduced. Another distinguished engineering advantage is, the tribological property of the sulfide layer on steel can survive a temperature as high as 2000°F, which is rarely surpassed by other lubricants.
In this article, the engineering characteristics of ion-sulfurization are introduced. Exemplary application is provided as reference for those interested in this technology
ISBN: 978-1-61481-107-7 Pages: 13
Authors: G. Wang, Y. Zhang, X. Zhang, H. Liu
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