Application of ICME to Optimize Metallurgy and Improve Performance of Carburizable Steels


QuesTek Innovations LLC has applied its Materials by Design® computational design technology and its Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)-based methods to successfully design, develop and implement two new high-performance gear steels (Ferrium® C61ÿ and Ferrium C64® steels) that are being used in demanding gear and bearing applications in ground and aerospace military, commercial aerospace, high-performance racing, oil & gas and other industries. Additionally, QuesTek has successfully designed and developed two new high-performance structural steels (Ferrium S53® and Ferrium M54® steels). All four Ferrium alloys are commercially available from Carpenter Technology and have been awarded SAE AMS numbers for procurement. QuesTek has also designed several other high performance alloys using ICME technologies, including a stainless nitridable bearing and gear steel and alloys for additive manufacturing applications.
ISBN: 978-1-61481-111-4 Pages: 10
Authors: J. Grabowski, J. Sebastian, A. Asphahani, C. Houser, K. Taskin, D. Snyder
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