Filling Some Gaps in Spline Design Guidelines: Centering, Friction, and Misalignment


International spline standards and other widely used published documents have detailed definitions of two-dimensional spline geometry, and while they cover basic axial effects and stresses, more can be provided for design engineers. Results from an analytical study of misalignment factors and an experimental study of centering forces are discussed to provide information to help refine calculation methods. These include: how to calculate the effective pressure angle of straight-sided splines that must be used to accurately determine normal and radial loads; how to calculate the effective centering force of a spline pair; how to calculate the centering moment of a spline with ‘topping’; an update to current publications; and an update to the calculation of the maximum axial force that a spline can transmit via friction.

ISBN: 978-1-64353-004-8
Pages: 15
Author: Stephen McKenny

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