Design and Optimization of a Hybrid Vehicle Transmission


Hybrid vehicles seem to be the fastest solution for the containment of consumption and of pollution for personal transport. The designer of a hybrid transmission has to address additional issues with respect to the classical cases, in particular the high speed of the electric unit and the bidirectional motor/generator operation. In this case, a lot of attention should be paid to how to consider the four combinations of signs for torque and speed in the load spectrum. This paper discusses several approaches for the alternating bending factor, the effects of the asymmetric crowning (especially the helix modification tapered or parallel) and how to consider the housing stiffness in the TCA. Also included is an interesting solution from the kinematic point of view, the compound planetary, relatively well-known in the automotive, but much less so in industrial gearbox design.

ISBN: 978-1-64353-009-3
Pages: 17
Author: Massimiliano Turci

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