Gear Sliding Losses


Gear Sliding Losses


Gearbox efficiency is becoming increasingly important for vehicle manufacturers to help achieve their overall fuel savings goals. Enhancing gearbox efficiency is also critical in saving the up-front cost and overall unreliability of gearbox cooling. It is well known that at high power levels, gear sliding losses dominate the overall gearbox losses. Therefore, accurately predicting frictional losses is critical for increasing overall gearbox efficiency. Previous work by these authors has shown that available closed-form calculations do not provide the range of important inputs or accuracy required to perform reliable design estimates of the sliding losses that are so important to the thermal and efficiency characteristics of the gearbox. This paper documents an approach used to incorporate the effect of lubrication characteristics, gear geometry, surface finish, and operating conditions into an algorithm that accurately predicts sliding losses over a range of operating conditions for a standard set of gears. This study provides a method for accurately calculating gear sliding losses based on all the important design variables early in the process, so that efficiency can be more easily assured. The methodology developed for simple contacts is used to predict gear sliding losses for much more complicated cases of spur and helical gears, where load and rolling and sliding speed of the contact patch varies at each roll angle during the mesh cycle.

ISBN: 978-1-64353-083-3

Authors: Parviz Merati, John Bair, Carlos Wink, & Farrukh Qureshi

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