Methods for Checking the Profile of the Path of Contact of Involute Gears




The profile of path of contact (PPC) is another significant characteristic curve beside involute and helix. During the gear generating machining, this line is consistent with machining curve. During the gear transmission, this line is also consistent with working curve. Therefore, the quality of gear machining and transmission can be reflected by the PPC. However, the existing gear measuring instruments cannot measure it. The theoretical model is given combining the forming principle of PPC. Based on the existing GMC, two methods for measuring the deviation of PPC are proposed, including the four-axis method and the three-axis method. In measurement methods, the measurement of PPC and involute profile is unified. The measurement practice shows that the measurement and evaluation of PPC can be conveniently realized.

Authors: Zhaoyao Shi, Yanqiang Sun, Haobin Li

ISBN: 978-1-64353-126-7

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