Kinematic Analysis of Transmissions - Based on the Finite Element Method A


In order to evaluate the kinematic properties of a design of a transmission in its early stages, a computer program has been developed. By means of geometric reasoning a finite element model is deduced from the conceptual design which has been built using an experimental 3D object editor. Since the interrelations between the objects are not specified by the designer they are found by the computer by supplying a set of rules. The following kinematic analysis uses a mixed Euler/Lagrange description and detects mechanisms (possible infinitesimal displacements of the nodal points without causing strain in the elements) in the transmission. The mechanisms found are visualized by the object editor by means of alternating images of the design on the screen which gives a real idea of motion. A well-founded decision can be made whether the conceptual model has to be changed, rejected, or can be accepted. The method of analysis used gives a good start for a static and dynamic analysis.
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