Inspection Practices - Part 1: Cylindrical Gears - Tangential Measurements
AGMA 915-1-A02 (reaffirmed February 9, 2012)

This information sheet constitutes a code of practice dealing with tangential measurements on flanks of individual cylindrical involute gears., i.e., with the measurement of pitch, profile, helix and tangential composite characteristics.

In providing advice on gear measuring methods and the analysis of measurement results, it supplements the standard ANSI/AGMA 2015-1-A01, Accuracy Classification System - Tangential Measurements for Cylindrical Gears.

[The foreword, footnotes and annexes, if any, in this document are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be construed as a part of AGMA 915-1-A02, Inspection Practices – Part 1:  Cylindrical Gears – Tangential Measurements.]

AGMA 915-1-A02 replaces AGMA ISO 10064-1, Cylindrical Gears - Code of Inspection Practice - Part 1: Inspection of Corresponding Flanks of Gear Teeth and the information on similar subjects as covered in ANSI/AGMA 2000-A88, Gear Classification and Inspection Handbook - Tolerances and Measuring Methods for Unassembled Spur and Helical Gears.

The user of this Information Sheet is alerted that differences exist between it and ANSI/AGMA 2000-A88 and AGMA ISO 10064-1.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Measuring methods refer to an accuracy grade numbering system that is reversed, such that the smallest number represents the smallest tolerance;
  • Probe direction and measurement requirements for elemental and composite tolerances may differ from ANSI/AGMA 2000-A88 or AGMA ISO 10064-1;
  • The measurement “profile evaluation range” and “helix evaluation range”, where the tolerances are applied, are defined for different area than in ANSI/AGMA 2000-A88 or AGMA ISO 10064-1;
  • The measurement of undulations is included;
  • Concepts of “mean measurement trace”, “design trace”, “slope deviation”, “form deviation”, “gear form filter cutoff”, “tolerance diameter” and “data density” are defined.

Therefore, the user of this information sheet must be very careful when comparing measurement methods formerly specified using ANSI/AGMA 2000-A88 or AGMA ISO 10064-1.

The first draft of AGMA 915-1-A02 was made in May, 1998.  This document was approved by the Inspection Handbook Committee on January 31, 2002.  It was approved by the Technical Division Executive Committee as an AGMA Information Sheet on April 16, 2002.

Suggestions for improvement of this standard will be welcome.  They should be sent to the American Gear Manufacturers Association, 1001 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 500, Alexandria, Virginia  22314.

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