The New Way of Manufacturing Bevel and Hypoid Gears in a Continuous Process


Much attention has been paid to face hobbing in the last decade. The CNC technology made a quantum step in this period which was beneficial especially for the continuous bevel gear cutting process. Parallel to the CNC technology a new method of face hobbing was subsequently developed and is introduced today as the different and new way of face hobbing. The basis is a new gear theoretical approach to design the blank geometry, the ease off and the tooth contact. The tools are different in design than regular cutting blades an enable a high economical procedure of roughing and finishing in one chucking. The process kinematic was completely redesigned, benefitting from the free form concept of today’s cutting machines. All the aspects of precision, flexibility and economy made the new face hobbing also popular for the gearbox manufacturer and jobber. The paper explains the theoretical background and the important tool and process details.
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