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01FTM01Carbide hobbing case study23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM01
01FTM02The Ultimate Motion Graph for "Noiseless" Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM02
01FTM03Automated Spiral Bevel Gear Pattern Inspection23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM03
01FTM04How to Inspect Large Cylindrical Gears with an Outside Diameter of more than 40 Inches 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM04
01FTM05Traceability of Gears, New Ideas, Recent Developments 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM05
01FTM06Performance-Based Gear-Error Inspection, Specification, and Manufacturing-Source Diagnostics 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM06
01FTM07Chemically Accelerated Vibratory Finishing for the Elimination of Wear and Pitting of Alloy Steel Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM07
01FTM08The Effect of Spacing Errors and Runout on Transverse Load Sharing and the Dynamic Factor of Spur and Helical Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM08
01FTM09New Opportunities with Molded Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM09
01FTM10Design Technologies of High Speed Gear Transmission23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM10
01FTM11Separation of Sliding and Rolling Between Meshing Profiles 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTM11
01FTMS1Optical Technique for Gear Contouring 23.5047.00TECH PAPER01FTMS1
02FTM01The Effect of Chemically Accelerated Vibratory Finishing on Gear Metrology23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM01
02FTM02Development and Application of Computer-Aided Design and Tooth Contact Analysis of Spiral-Type Gears with Cylindrical Worm 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM02
02FTM03The Application of Statistical Stability and Capability for Gear Cutting Machine Acceptance Criteria 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM03
02FTM04Multibody-System-Simulation of Drive Trains of Wind Turbines23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM04
02FTM05Crack Length and Depth Determination in an Integrated Carburized Gear/Bearing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM05
02FTM06Contemporary Gear Hobbing - Tools and Process Strategies23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM06
02FTM07Selecting the Best Carburizing Method for the Heat Treatment of Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM07
02FTM08Compliant Spindle in Lapping and Testing Machines0.0047.00TECH PAPER02FTM08
02FTM09Gear RollScan for High Speed Gear Measurement 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM09
02FTM10Comparing the Gear Ratings from ISO and AGMA23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM10
02FTM11Gear Design Optimization Procedure that Identifies Robust, Minimum Stress and Minimum Noise Gear Pair Designs 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTM11
02FTMS1Design and Stress Analysis of New Version of Novikov-Wildhaber Helical Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER02FTMS1
04FTM01Gear Noise - Challenge and Success Based on Optimized Gear Geometries23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM01
04FTM02Noise Optimized Modifications: Renaissance of the Generating Grinders?23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM02
04FTM03A Method to Define Profile Modification of Spur Gear and Minimize the Transmission Error23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM03
04FTM04Influence of Surface Roughness on Gear Pitting Behavior 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM04
04FTM05Investigations on the Micropitting Load Capacity of Case Carburized Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM05
04FTM06The Effect of a A ZnDTP Anti-wear Additive on Micropitting Resistance of Carburised Steel Rollers 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM06
04FTM07A Short Procedure to Evaluate Micropitting Using the New AGMA Designed Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM07
04FTM08Generalized Excitation of Traveling Wave Vibration in Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM08
04FTM09Design of a High Ratio, Ultra Safe, High Contact Ratio, Double Helical Compound Planetary Transmission for Helicopter Applications 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM09
04FTM10The Failure Investigation and Replacement of a Large Marine Gear 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM10
04FTM11Gear Lubrication as a Reliability Partner 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM11
04FTM12Improved Tooth Load Distribution in an Involute Spline Joint Using Lead Modifications Based on Finite Element Analysis 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM12
04FTM13Superfinishing Motor Vehicle Ring and Pinion Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTM13
04FTMS1Stress Analysis of Gear Drives Based on Boundary Element Method 23.5047.00TECH PAPER04FTMS1
05FTM01Fine Pitch, Plastic Face Gears: Design and Manufacture23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM01
05FTM02The Effects of Pre Rough Machine Processing on Dimensional Distortion During Carburizing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM02
05FTM03Modelling Gear Distortion23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM03
05FTM04Tooth Meshing Stiffness Optimisation Based on Gear Tooth Form Determination for a Production Process Using Different Tools 23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM04
05FTM05Computerized Design of Face Hobbed Hypoid Gears: Tooth Surface Generation, Contact Analysis and Stress Calculation 23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM05
05FTM06A Model to Predict Friction Losses of Hypoid Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM06
05FTM07Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Cutting Technology Update23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM07
05FTM08New Developments in Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) and Loaded TCA for Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Drives 23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM08
05FTM09Hypoid Gear Lapping Wear Coefficient and Simulation23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM09
05FTM10Finite Element Study of the Ikona Gear Tooth Profile23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM10
05FTM11Low Loss Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM11
05FTM12Modal Failure Analysis of a Gear and Drive Ring Assembly23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM12
05FTM13Evaluation of the Scuffing Resistance of Isotropic Superfinished Precision Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM13
05FTM14Determining the Shaper Cut Helical Gear Fillet Profile23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM14
05FTM15Repair of Helicopter Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM15
05FTM16CH47D Engine Transmission Input Pinion Seeded Fault Test23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM16
05FTM17Influences of Bearing Life Considerations on Gear Drive Design23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM17
05FTM18Planet Pac: Increasing Epicyclic Power Density and Performance through Integration 23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM18
05FTM19The Application of Very Large, Weld Fabricated, Carburized, Hardened & Hard Finished Advanced Technology Gears in Steel Mill Gear Drives 23.0046.00TECH PAPER05FTM19
05FTM20Dual Drive Conveyor Speed Reducer Failure Analysis23.5047.00TECH PAPER05FTM20
06FTM01The Effects of Super Finishing on Bending Fatigue43.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM01
06FTM02Isotropic Superfinishing of S-76C+ Main Transmission Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM02
06FTM03Detailed Procedure for the Optimum Design of an Epicyclic Transmission Using Plastic Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM03
06FTM04Precision Planetary Servo Gearheads23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM04
06FTM05Development of a Gear Rating Standard - A Case Study of AGMA 6014-A0623.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM05
06FTM06An Analytical Approach to the Prediction of Micropitting on Case Carburised Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM06
06FTM07Improvement of Standardized Test Methods for Evaluating the Lubricant Influence on Micropitting and Pitting Resistance of Case Carburized Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM07
06FTM08An Evaluation of FZG Micropitting Test Procedures and Results for the Crowned AGMA Test Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM08
06FTM09Opportunities to Replace Wrought Gears with High Performance PM Gears in Automotive Applications23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM09
06FTM10Fabrication, Assembly and Test of a High Ratio, Ultra Safe, High Contact Ratio, Double Helical Planetary Transmission for Helicopter Applications23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM10
06FTM11On Tooth Failure Analysis in Small -Teeth-Number Gearing: An Analytical Approach23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM11
06FTM12A Crane Gear Failure Analysis - Case Study, Observations, Lessons Learned, Recommendations 23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM12
06FTM13Economic Aspects of Vacuum Carburizing23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM13
06FTM14The Optimal High Speed Cutting of Bevel Gears - New Tools and New Cutting Parameters23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM14
06FTM15Optimal Tooth Modifications in Spiral Bevel Gears Introduced by Machine Tool Setting Variation23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM15
06FTM16Certificate for Involute Gear Evaluation Software23.5047.00TECH PAPER06FTM16
07FTM01Estimation of Lifetime of Plastic Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM01
07FTM02Study of the Correlation Between Theoretical and Actual Gear Fatigue Test Data on a Polyamide23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM02
07FTM03Material Integrity in Molded Plastic Gears and Its Dependence on Molding Practices 23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM03
07FTM04Applying Elemental Gear Measurement to Processing of Molded Plastic Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM04
07FTM05Vacuum Carburizing Technology for Powder Metal Gears and Parts23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM05
07FTM06Using Barkhausen Noise Analysis for Process and Quality Control in the Production of Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM06
07FTM07Grinding Induced Changes in Residual Stresses of Carburized Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM07
07FTM08Manufacturing Net Shaped Cold Formed Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM08
07FTM09The Ikona Clutch and Differential23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM09
07FTM10The Gear Dynamic Factor, Historical and Modern Perspective23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM10
07FTM11Helicopter Accessory Gear Failure Analysis Involving Wear and Bending Fatigue23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM11
07FTM12The Effect of Start-Up Load Conditions on Gearbox Performance and Life - Failure Analysis and Case Study 23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM12
07FTM13Influence of Grinding Burn on the Load Carrying Capacity of Parts under Rolling Stress23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM13
07FTM14Roughness and Lubricant Chemistry Effects in Micropitting23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM14
07FTM15Experience with a Disc Rig Micropitting Test23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM15
07FTM16Straight Bevel Gear Cutting and Grinding on CNC Free Form Machines23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM16
07FTM17Simulation Model for the Emulation of the Dynamic Behavior of Bevel Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM17
07FTM18Bevel Gear Model23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM18
07FTM19How to Determine the MTBF of Gearboxes23.5047.00TECH PAPER07FTM19
08FTM01Parametric Study of the Failure of Plastic Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM01
08FTM02A Methodology for Identifying Defective Cycloidal Reduction Components Using Vibration Analysis and Techniques23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM02
08FTM03Effects of Gear Surface Parameters on Flank Wear23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM03
08FTM04The Effect of Manufacturing Microgeometry Variations on the Load Distribution Factor and on Gear Contact and Root Stresses23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM04
08FTM05Gear Failure Analysis Involving Grinding Burn 23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM05
08FTM06Tooth Fillet Profile Optimization for Gears with Symmetric and Asymmetric Teeth23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM06
08FTM07Planetary Gearset Lubrication Requirement Estimation Based on Heat Generation23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM07
08FTM08PM Materials for Gear Applications23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM08
08FTM09 Concept for a Multi Megawatt Wind Turbine Gear and Field Experience23.0046.00TECH PAPER08FTM09
08FTM10The Effect of Superfinishing on FZG Gear Micropitting - Part II23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM10
08FTM11Bending Fatigue Tests of Helicopter Case Carburized Gears: Influence of Material, Design and Manufacturing Parameters23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM11
08FTM12 In-situ Measurement of Stresses in Carburized Gears via Neutron Diffraction23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM12
08FTM13Hydrogen & Internal Residual Stress Gear Failures - Some Failure Analyses and Case Studies 23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM13
08FTM14Effects of Axle Deflection and Tooth Flank Modification on Hypoid Gear Stress Distribution and Contact Fatigue Life23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM14
08FTM15Extending the Benefits of Elemental Gear Inspection23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM15
08FTM16Hob Tool Life Technology Update23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM16
08FTM17Innovative Concepts for Grinding Wind Power Energy Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM17
08FTM18Gear Corrosion During the Manufacturing Process23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM18
08FTM19How Are You Dealing With The Bias Error In Your Helical Gears?23.5047.00TECH PAPER08FTM19
09FTM01Influence of the Residual Stresses Induced by Hard Finishing Processes on the Running Behavior of Gears23.0046.00TECH PAPER09FTM01
09FTM02Implementing ISO 18653, Evaluation of Instruments for the Measurement of Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM02
09FTM03Producing Profile and Lead Modifications in Threaded Wheel and Profile Grinding23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM03
09FTM04New Developments in Gear Hobbing23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM04
09FTM05HYPOLOIDÿ Gears with Small Shaft Angles and Zero to Large Offsets23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM05
09FTM06Dependency of the Peak-to-Peak Transmission Error on the Type of Profile Correction and Transverse Contact Ratio of the Gear Pair23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM06
09FTM07Optimizing Gear Geometry for Minimum Transmission Error, Mesh Friction Losses and Scuffing Risk23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM07
09FTM08Load Sharing Analysis of High Contact Ratio Spur Gears in Military Tracked Vehicle Application23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM08
09FTM09Designing for Static and Dynamic Loading of a Gear Reducer Housing with FEA23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM09
09FTM10The Effect of Flexible Components on the Durability, Whine, Rattle and Efficiency of a Transmission Geartrain System23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM10
09FTM11Unique Design Constraints for Molded Plastic Transmissions23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM11
09FTM12The Anatomy of a Micropitting Induced Tooth Fracture Failure - Causation, Initiation, Progression and Prevention23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM12
09FTM13Bending Fatigue, Impact Strength and Pitting Resistance of Ausformed Powder Metal Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM13
09FTM14Design Development and Application of New High-Performance Gear Steels23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM14
09FTM15High Performance Industrial Gear Lubricants for Optimal Reliability23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM15
09FTM16Allowable Contact Stresses of Jacking Gear Units Used in the Offshore Industry23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM16
09FTM17Variation Analysis of Tooth Engagement and Load-Sharing in Involute Splines23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM17
09FTM18Does the Type of Gear Action Affect the Appearance of Micro-Pitting and Gear Life?23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM18
09FTM19The Effect of Gearbox Architecture on Wind Turbine Enclosure Size23.5047.00TECH PAPER09FTM19
AGMA P109.36 16.0016.00TECH PAPER109_36
AGMA P109.38 26.0026.00TECH PAPER109_38
10FTM01Complete Machining of Gear Blank and Gear Teeth23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM01
10FTM02Improving Heat Treating Flexibility for Wind Turbine Gear Systems Through Carburizing, Quenching and Material Handling Alternatives23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM02
10FTM03A Novel Approach to the Refurbishment of Wind Turbine Gears23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM03
10FTM04Low Distortion Heat Treatment of Transmission Components23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM04
10FTM05Comparison of the AGMA and FEA Calculations of Gears and Gearbox Components Applied in the Environment of Small Gear Company23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM05
10FTM06Finite Element Analysis of High Contact Ratio Gear23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM06
10FTM07A New Statistical Model for Predicting Tooth Engagement and Load Sharing in Involute Splines23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM07
10FTM08Calculation of Load Distribution in Planetary Gears for an Effective Gear Design Process23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM08
10FTM09Reverse Engineering23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM09
10FTM10Evaluation of Methods for Calculating Effects of Tip Relief on Transmission Error, Noise and Stress in Loaded Spur Gears23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM10
10FTM11Point-Surface-Origin, PSO, Macropitting Caused by Geometric Stress Concentration, GSC23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM11
10FTM12Flank Load Carrying Capacity and Power Loss Reduction by Minimized Lubrication23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM12
10FTM13Gear Design for Wind Turbine Gearboxes to Avoid Tonal Noise According to ISO/IEC 61400-1123.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM13
10FTM14Analysis and Testing of Gears with Asymmetric Involute Tooth Form and Optimized Fillet Form for Potential Application in Helicopter Main Drives23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM14
10FTM15Drive Line Analysis for Tooth Contact Optimization of High Power Spiral Bevel Gears23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM15
10FTM16Analysis of Load Distribution in Planet-Gear Bearings23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM16
10FTM17Self-Locking Gears: Design and Potential Applications23.0046.00TECH PAPER10FTM17
11FTM01A New Way of Face Gear Manufacturing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM01
11FTM02 Generating Gear Grinding - New Possibilities in Process Design and Analysis 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM02
11FTM03Towards an Improved AGMA Accuracy Classification System on Double Flank Composite Measurements 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM03
11FTM04First International Involute Gear Comparison 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM04
11FTM05Epicyclic Load Sharing Map - Application as a Design Tool 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM05
11FTM06Reversed Gear Tooth Bending Stress and Life Evaluation 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM06
11FTM07The Effects of Helix Angle on Root Stresses of Helical Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM07
11FTM08A Comprehensive System for Predicting Assembly Variation with Potential Application to Transmission Design 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM08
11FTM09Standardization of Load Distribution Evaluation: Uniform Definition of KHb for Helical Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM09
11FTM10New Methods for the Calculation of the Load Capacity of Bevel and Hypoid Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM10
11FTM11Marine Reversing Main Gear Rating Factor Versus Number of Loading Reversals and Shrink Fit Stress 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM11
11FTM12The Application of the First International Calculation Method for Micropitting 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM12
11FTM13Investigations on the Flank Load Carrying Capacity in the Newly Developed FZG Back-to-Back Test Rig for Internal Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM13
11FTM14AGMA 925-A03 Predicted Scuffing Risk to Spur and Helical Gears in Commercial Vehicle Transmissions 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM14
11FTM15Micropitting - A Serious Damage? Testing, Standards and Practical Experience 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM15
11FTM16Gear Lubrication - Stopping Micropitting by Using the Right Lubricant 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM16
11FTM17Morphology of Micropitting 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM17
11FTM18Longitudinal Tooth Contact Pattern Shift 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM18
11FTM19ConvoloidÒ Gearing Technology - The Shape Of The Future 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM19
11FTM20Case Study Involving Surface Durability and Improved Surface Finish 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM20
11FTM21Gearbox Bearing Service Life - A Matter of Mastering Many Design Parameters 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM21
11FTM22Bearing Contribution to Gearbox Efficiency and Thermal Rating: How Bearing Design Can Improve the Performance of a Gearbox 23.5047.50TECH PAPER11FTM22
11FTM23Integration of Case Hardening Into the Manufacturing-Line: "One Piece Flow" 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM23
11FTM24Induction Hardening of Gears with Superior Quality and Flexibility Using Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDFÒ) 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM24
11FTM25Controlling Gear Distortion and Residual Stresses During Induction Hardening 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM25
11FTM26Atmosphere Furnace Heating Systems 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM26
11FTM27Manufacturing and Processing of a New Class of Vacuum- Carburized Gear Steels with Very High Hardenability 23.5047.00TECH PAPER11FTM27
12FTM01Balancing - No Longer Smoke and Mirrors Author: R. Mifsud Hines 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM01
12FTM02Power Loss and Axial Load Carrying Capacity of Radial Cylindrical Roller Bearings Authors: S. Söndgen, W. Predki 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM02
12FTM03Gear Lubrication - Gear Protection also at Low Oil Temperatures Author: M. Hochmann 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM03
12FTM04Energy Efficient Industrial Gear Lubricants Authors: D. Blain, A. Galiano­Roth, R. Russo, K. Harrington 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM04
12FTM05Combined Effects of Gravity, Bending Moment, Bearing Clearance, and Input Torque on Wind Turbine Planetary Gear Load Sharing Authors: Y. Guo, J. Keller, W. LaCava 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM05
12FTM06Virtual Optimization of Epicyclic Gearbox Planet Bearings in Wind Turbines Authors: S. Vasconi, D. Raju 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM06
12FTM07Validation of a Model of the NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative Wind Turbine Gearbox Authors: C.K. Halse, Z.H. Wright, A.R. Crowther 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM07
12FTM08Combined Marine Propulsion Systems: Optimization and Validation by Simulation Authors: B. Pinnekamp and F. Hoppe 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM08
12FTM09Systematic Approach for the Psychoacoustic Analysis of Dynamic Gear Noise Excitation Authors: C. Brecher, M. Brumm, C. Carl 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM09
12FTM10Development of Novel CBN Grade for Electroplated Finish Grinding of Hardened Steel Gears Authors: U. Sridharan, S. Kompella, S. Ji, J. Fiecoat 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM10
12FTM11Contemporary Gear Pre-Machining Solutions Author: C. Kobialka 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM11
12FTM12Manufacturing Method of Pinion Member of Large-Sized Skew Bevel Gears Using Multi-Axis Control and Multi-Tasking Machine Tool Authors: I. Tsuji, K. Kawasaki, H. Gunbara, H. Houjyou, S. Matsumura 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM12
12FTM13Gear Material Selection and Construction for Large Gears Author: F.C. Uherek 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM13
12FTM14Large Pinions for Open Gears: The Increase of Single Mesh Load - A New Challenge for Manufacturing and Quality Inspection Author: M. Pasquier, and F. Wavelet 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM14
12FTM15New Methods for the Calculation of the Load Capacity of Bevel and Hypoid Gears Authors: C. Wirth, B.­R. Höhn, C. Braykoff 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM15
12FTM16Gear Design Optimization for Low Contact Temperature of a High-Speed, Non-lubricated Spur Gear Pair Authors: C.H. Wink, N.S. Mantri 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM16
12FTM17Dynamic Analysis of a Cycloidal Gearbox Using Finite Element Method Authors: S. Thube, T. Bobak 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM17
12FTM18Analysis of Ripple on Noisy Gears Author: G. Gravel 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM18
12FTM19A Field Case Study of "Whining" Gear Noise in Diesel Engines Author: Y. Kotlyar, G.A. Acosta, S. Mleczko, M. Guerra 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM19
12FTM20The Effect of the Surface Profile on Micropitting Authors: M. Bell, G. Sroka, R. Benson 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM20
12FTM21Typical Heat Treatment Defects of Gears and Solutions Using FEA Modeling Authors: Z. Li, B.L. Ferguson 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM21
12FTM22Crack Testing and Heat Treat Verification of Gears Using Eddy Current Technology Authors: D. DeVries 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM22
12FTM23Enhancing Control Of Distortion Through "One Piece Flow - Heat Treatment" Authors: V. Heuer, D. Bolton, K. Löser, T. Leist 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM23
12FTM24Recent Inventions and Innovations in Induction Hardening of Gears and Gear-like Components Author: V. Rudnev 23.5047.00TECH PAPER12FTM24
12FTMSET2012 FTM Full Set of Papers950.001175.00TECH PAPER12FTMSET
13FTM01Power Skiving of Cylindrical Gears on Different Machine Platforms Author: H.J. Stadtfeld 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM01
13FTM02Performance and Technological Potential of Gears Ground by Dressable cBN Tools Authors: J. Reimann, F. Klocke, M. Brumm, A. Mehr and K. Finkenwirth 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM02
13FTM03Analysis of Gear Root Forms: A Review of Designs, Standards and Manufacturing Methods for Root Forms in Cylindrical Gears Authors: N. Chaphalkar, G. Hyatt, and N. Bylund 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM03
13FTM04Best Practices for Gearbox Assembly and Disassembly Author: J. Bello 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM04
13FTM05Cubitronÿ II: Precision Shaped Grains (PSG) Turn the Concept of Gear Grinding Upside Down Author: W. Graf 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM05
13FTM06High Gear Ratio Epicyclic Drives Analysis Author: A. Kapelevich 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM06
13FTM07Finite Element Analysis of a Floating Planetary Ring Gear with External Splines Authors: V. Kirov and Y. Wang 23.0064.00TECH PAPER13FTM07
13FTM08Application and Improvement of Face Load Factor Determination Based on AGMA 927 (Accurate and Fast Algorithm for Load Distribution Calculation, for Gear Pair and Planetary Systems, Including Duty Cycle Analysis) Author: U. Kissling 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM08
13FTM09Investigations on Tooth Root Bending Strength of Case Hardened Gears in the Range of High Cycle Fatigue Authors: N. Bretl, S. Schurer, T. Tobie, K. Stahl and B.-R. Höhn 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM09
13FTM10Calculation of the Tooth Root Load Carrying Capacity of Beveloid Gears Authors: C. Brecher, M. Brumm and J. Henser 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM10
13FTM11Striving for High Load Capacity and Low Noise Excitation in Gear Design Authors: K. Stahl, M. Otto and M. Zimmer 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM11
13FTM12Practical Considerations for the Use of Double Flank Testing for the Manufacturing Control of Gearing Authors: E. Reiter and F. Eberle 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM12
13FTM13Gear Failure Analysis and Lessons Learned in Aircraft High-Lift Actuation Authors: A. Wang, S. Gitnes, L. El-Bayoumy and J. Davies 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM13
13FTM14Metallurgical Investigation of "Tiger Stripes" on a Carburized High Speed Pinion Authors: M. Li, P. Terry, and R. Eckert 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM14
13FTM15White Structure Flaking in Rolling Bearings for Wind Turbine Gearboxes Authors: H. Uyama and H. Yamada 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM15
13FTM16The Anatomy of a Lubrication Erosion Failure - Causation, Initiation, Progression and Prevention Authors: R.J. Drago, R.J. Cunningham, W. Flynn 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM16
13FTM17Dynamic Simulations of Radial Lip Seals Followability in an Industrial Gearbox Authors: M. Organisciak, R. Iervolino, M. Sansalone, S. Barbera, A. Paykin and M. Schweig 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM17
13FTM18Gear Lubrication - Long Term Protection for Wind Turbines Authors: S. Mazzola, M. Hochmann and J. Wald 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM18
13FTM19Gear Resonance Analysis and Experimental Verification Using Rapid Prototyped Gears Authors: S.R. Davidson and J.D. Hayes 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM19
13FTM20Influence of Gear Loads on Spline Couplings Authors: C.H. Wink and M. Nakandakari 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM20
13FTM21How to Spec a Mill Gear Author: F.C. Uherek 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM21
13FTM22Heat Treatment of Large Components Author: G.L. Reese 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM22
13FTM23Ductile Iron for Open Gearing - A Current Perspective Authors: F. Wavelet and M. Pasquier 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM23
13FTM24Innovative Induction Hardening Process with Preheating for Improved Fatigue Performance of Gear Component Author: Z. Li 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM24
13FTM25Press Quenching and the Effects of Prior Thermal History on Distortion during Heat Treatment Author: A.C. Reardon 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM25
13FTM26Vacuum Carburizing Large Gears Author: N. Plough 23.0046.00TECH PAPER13FTM26
13FTMSET2013 FTM Full Set of Papers362.50725.00TECH PAPER13FTMSET
14FTM01Molecular Decomposition Process = Electrochemical Assisted Precision Form Grinding23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM01
14FTM02Prediction of Surface Zone Changes in Generating Gear Grinding23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM02
14FTM03Surface Roughness Measurements of Cylindrical Gears and Bevel Gears on Gear Inspection Machines23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM03
14FTM04Reliable Measurements of Large Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM04
14FTM05A Different Way to Look at Profile and Helix Inspection Results23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM05
14FTM06High Contact Ratio Gearing: A Technology Ready for Implementation?23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM06
14FTM07A Case Study in a Practical Application of Smart Gearbox Technology23.5023.50TECH PAPER14FTM07
14FTM08The Efficiency of a Simple Spur Gearbox - A Thermally Coupled Lubrication Model23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM08
14FTM10Involute Spiral Face Couplings and Gears: Design Approach And Manufacturing Technique23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM10
14FTM11Mathematical Modeling for the Design of Spiroid®, Helical, Spiral Bevel and Worm Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM11
14FTM12Optimization of Gear Tooth Contact by Helix Angle Modification23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM12
14FTM13A Practical Approach for Modeling a Bevel Gear23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM13
14FTM14Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Frictional Losses of Radial Shaft Seals for Industrial Gearbox23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM14
14FTM15Application of a Unique Anti-Wear Technology - Ion-Sulfurized Lubricating Gradient Material23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM15
14FTM16The Modified Life Rating of Rolling Bearings - A Criterion for Gearbox Design and Reliability Optimization23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM16
14FTM17The Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Gear Tooth Friction23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM17
14FTM18Precision Bevel Gears with Low Tooth Count23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM18
14FTM19Application of ICME to Optimize Metallurgy and Improve Performance of Carburizable Steels23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM19
14FTM20Influence of Central Members Radial Support Stiffness on Load Sharing Characteristics of Compound Planetary Gear Sets23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM20
14FTM21On the Correlation of Specific Film Thickness and Gear Pitting Life23.5047.00TECH PAPER14FTM21
14FTMSET2014 Full Set of Technical Papers950.001200.00TECH PAPER14FTMSET
15FTM01Influence of Surface Finishing on the Load Capacity of Coated and Uncoated Spur Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM01
15FTM02Improved Materials and Enhanced Fatigue Resistance for Gear Components 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM02
15FTM03Practical Approach to Determining Effective Case Depth of Gas Carburizing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM03
15FTM04Single-Piece, High-Volume, Low-Distortion Case Hardening of Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM04
15FTM05Innovative Steel Design and Gear Machining of Advanced Engineering Steel 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM05
15FTM06Powder Metal Gear Technology: A Review of the State of the Art 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM06
15FTM07Industry 4.0 and its Implication to Gear Manufacturing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM07
15FTM08Proposed Pre-Finish Cylindrical Gear Quality Standard 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM08
15FTM10Influence of Hobbing Tool Generating Scallops on Root Fillet Stress Concentrations 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM10
15FTM11Selecting the Proper Gear Milling Cutter Design for the Machining of High Quality Parallel Axis, Cylindrical Gears and Splines23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM11
15FTM12Simulation of Hobbing and Generation Grinding to Solve Quality and Noise Problems 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM12
15FTM13Thermal Capacity of a Multi-Stage Gearbox 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM13
15FTM14Gear Backlash Analysis of Unloaded Gear Pairs in Transmissions 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM14
15FTM15New Refinements to the Use of AGMA Load Reversal and Reliability Factors 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM15
15FTM17Homogeneous Geometry Calculation of Arbitrary Tooth Shapes - Mathematical Approach and Practical Applications 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM17
15FTM18Rating of Asymmetric Tooth Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM18
15FTM19Worm Gear Efficiency Estimation and Optimization 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM19
15FTM20Efficiency of Worm Gear Drives 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM20
15FTM21Polish Grinding of Gears for Higher Transmission Efficiency 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM21
15FTM22A New Class of Industrial Gear Oil 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM22
15FTM23Noise Reduction in an EV Hub Drive Using a Full Test and Simulation Methodology 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM23
15FTM24Tribological Coating Wear and Durability Performance Guideline for Gear Applications 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM24
15FTM25An Experimental Evaluation of the Procedures of the ISO/TR 15144 Technical Report for the Prediction of Micropitting 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM25
15FTM26Calculating the Risk of Micropitting Using ISO Technical Report 15144-1:2014 - Validation with Practical Applications23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM26
15FTM27Wear: A New Approach for an 'Old' Failure Phenomenon of Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM27
15FTM28Application of Advanced Mesh Analysis to Eliminate Pinion Failures 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM28
15FTM29Tooth Flank Fracture - Influence of Macro and Micro Geometry 23.5047.00TECH PAPER15FTM29
15FTMSET2015 Full Set of Technical Papers950.001350.00TECH PAPER15FTMSET
16FTM01Efficient Hard Finishing of Asymmetric Tooth Profiles and Topological Modifications by Generating Grinding 27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM01
16FTM02The Whirling Process in a Company that Produces Worm Gear Drives27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM02
16FTM03Worm Screw High-Speed Manufacturing27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM03
16FTM04Twist Control Grinding (TCG)27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM04
16FTM05Review of Microstructure and Properties of Non-Ferrous Alloys for Worm Gear Application and Advantages of Centrifugally Cast Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM05
16FTM06Pre-Nitriding: A Means of Significantly Increasing Carburizing Throughput27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM06
16FTM07Performance and Machining of Advanced Engineering Steels in Power Transmission Applications - Continued Developments27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM07
16FTM08Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM08
16FTM09Development of High Hardness-Cast Gears for High-Power Applications in the Mining Industry27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM09
16FTM10Computerized Design of Straight Bevel Gears with Optimized Profiles for Forging, Molding, or 3D Printing 27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM10
16FTM11Contact Fatigue Characterization of Through-Hardened Steel for Low-Speed Applications Like Hoisting27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM11
16FTM12Determination of Load Distributions on Double Helical-Geared Planetary Gear Boxes27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM12
16FTM13Designing Very Strong Gear Teeth by Means of High Pressure Angles27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM13
16FTM14Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on Effective Gear Tooth Friction Coefficient27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM14
16FTM15Surface Structure Shift for Ground Bevel Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM15
16FTM16Developing an Energy-Efficient Industrial Gear Oil27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM16
16FTM17Analysis of Excitation Behavior of a Two-Stage Gearbox Based on a Validated Simulation Model27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM17
16FTM18An Experimental and Analytical Comparison of the Noise Generated by Gears of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) and Steel Materials27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM18
16FTM19Numerical Thermal 3D Model to Predict the Surface and Body Temperature of Spur and Helical Plastic Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM19
16FTM20Influence of the Defect Size on the Tooth Root Load Carrying Capacity27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM20
16FTM21Influence of Contact Conditions on the Onset of Micropitting in Rolling-Sliding Contacts Pertinent to Gear Applications27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM21
16FTM22Comparison of Tooth Interior Fatigue Fracture Load Capacity to Standardized Gear Failure Modes 27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM22
16FTM23A New Approach to Repair Large Industrial Gears Damaged by Surface Degradation - The Refurbishment Using the Modification of Both the Profile Shift Coefficient and the Pressure Angle27.5055.00TECH PAPER16FTM23
16FTMSET2016 Full Set of Technical Papers950.001250.00TECH PAPER16FTMSET
17FTM01CFD Simulation of Power Losses and Lubricant Flows in Gearboxes27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM01
17FTM02Understanding the Dynamic Influences of Gear Oils and Radial Shaft Seals27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM02
17FTM03Gear Tooth Strength Analysis of High Pressure Angle Cylindrical Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM03
17FTM04The Effectiveness of Shrouding on Reducing Meshed Spur Gear Power Loss - Test Results27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM04
17FTM05Complete Measurement of Gearbox Components27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM05
17FTM06The Effect of Asymmetric Cutter Tip Radii on Gear Tooth Root Bending Stress27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM06
17FTM07Magnetic Barkhausen Noise as an Alternative to Nital Etch for the Detection of Grind Temper on Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM07
17FTM08Areal Evaluation of Involute Gear Flanks with Three-Dimensional Surface Data27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM08
17FTM09Standard Samples for Grinder Burn Etch Testing27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM09
17FTM10Psychoacoustic Methodology for the Noise Reduction of Bevel Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM10
17FTM11FE-Based Method for Design of Robust Tooth Flank Modifications for Cylindrical and Planetary Gear Stages Regarding Manufacturing Tolerances27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM11
17FTM12Reliability, Lifetime and Safety Factors27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM12
17FTM13A Comparison of Current AGMA, ISO and API Gear Rating Methods27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM13
17FTM14Prediction of Dynamic Factors for Helical Gears in a High-Speed Multi-Body Gearbox System27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM14
17FTM15Fatigue Performance and Cleanliness of Carburizing Steels for Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM15
17FTM16Predicting Life on Through Hardened Steel Rack and Pinion for Jacking Applications in the Offshore Industry27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM16
17FTM17Four Ways Polyketone Polymers Can Improve Gear Performance27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM17
17FTM18Effect of Non-metallic Inclusions on Bending Fatigue Performance in High Strength 4140 Steel27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM18
17FTM19Sensitivity Study of Press Quench Process and Concept of Tooling Design for Reduced Distortion by Modeling27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM19
17FTM20Influences of the Residual Stress Condition on the Load Carrying Capacity of Case Hardened Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM20
17FTM21Calculation of Tooth Flank Fracture Load Capacity - Practical Applicability and Main Influence Parameters27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM21
17FTM22Full Contact Analysis Versus Standard Load Capacity Calculation for Cylindrical Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM22
17FTM23The Influence of a Grinding Notch on the Gear Bending Strength Rating27.5055.00TECH PAPER17FTM23
17FTMSET2017 Full Set of Technical Papers950.001200.00TECH PAPER17FTMSET
18FTM01Filling Some Gaps in Spline Design Guidelines: Centering, Friction, and Misalignment27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM01
18FTM02Methods to Determine Form Diameter on Hobbed External Involute Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM02
18FTM03Optimization of a Rack and Pinion Design for Offshore Jack-Up Applications27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM03
18FTM04Gearbox Development for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM04
18FTM05Increasing Static Friction with Laser27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM05
18FTM06Design and Optimization of a Hybrid Vehicle Transmission27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM06
18FTM07Influence of Thermal Distortion on Spur Gear Tooth Contact27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM07
18FTM08Oil-Off Characterization Method Using In-Situ Friction Measurement for Gears Operating Under Loss-of-Lubrication Conditions27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM08
18FTM09Application of Finite Element Analysis for the Strain Wave Gear Tooth Surfaces Design and Modifications27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM09
18FTM10Experimental Study on the Pitting Detection Capabilities for Spur Gears Using Acoustic Emission and Vibration Analysis Methods27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM10
18FTM11Optimization of Power Density by Local Gear Failure Modeling27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM11
18FTM12Load Intensity Distribution Factor Evaluation from Strain Gauges at the Gear Root27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM12
18FTM13Impact of Root Geometry Manufacturing Deviations from a Theoretical Hob Rack on Gear Bending Stress27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM13
18FTM14Fatigue Life Predictions of Spherical Gear Couplings27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM14
18FTM15Potentials of Free Root Fillets in Planetary Gearbox Applications27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM15
18FTM16Microgear Measurement Standards: Comparing Tactile, Optical and Computed Tomography Measurements27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM16
18FTM17Generative Gear Milling27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM17
18FTM18Reducing Tool Wear in Spiral Bevel Gear Machining with the Finite Element Method27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM18
18FTM19Method for High Accuracy Cutting Blade Inspection27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM19
18FTM20Fully Automated Roughness Measurement on Gears, Even on the Shop Floor27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM20
18FTM21Integrating Non-Contact Metrology in the Process of Analysis and Simulation of Gear Drives27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM21
18FTM22Integrated Approach for Gear Testing of High-Performance Clean Steels27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM22
18FTM23Lean Heat Treatment for Distortion Control27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM23
18FTM24Residual Stress Measurement of Case Hardened Steel Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM24
18FTM25Combining Ultra-High-Strength and Toughness for Affordable Power Densification in Steel Gears27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM25
18FTM26Reliability of Gears - Determination of Statistically Validated Material Strength Numbers27.5055.00TECH PAPER18FTM26
18FTMSETAGMA 2018 Fall Technical Meeting conference proceedings950.001250.00TECH PAPER18FTMSET
19FTM01Electric Vehicle Transmission with Hypoid Gearset35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM01
19FTM02Misalignment Compensation Spline Design35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM02
19FTM03Spline Centering, Piloting, and Toggle: Torsional Stiffness, Shaft Bending, and Centering of Moment Loads35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM03
19FTM04Optimal Polymer Gear Design: Metal-to-Plastic Conversion35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM04
19FTM05Design of a Double Spiral Bevel Gearset35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM05
19FTM06Specific Dynamic Behavior of Planetary Gears35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM06
19FTM07Phase Management as a Strategy to Reduce Gear Whine in Idler Gear Sets35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM07
19FTM08Leveraging the Complementary Strengths of Orbitless and Planetary Drives35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM08
19FTM09Reduction of the Tonality of Gear Noise by Application of Topography Scattering for Ground Bevel Gears35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM09
19FTM10Computing Gear Sliding Losses35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM10
19FTM11Opportunities of Efficiency Improvement by the Use of Hydro Lubricants35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM11
19FTM12Evaluation of Steel Cleanliness By Extreme Value Statistics and its Correlation With Fatigue Performance 35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM12
19FTM13Tooth Root Testing of Steels with High Cleanliness35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM13
19FTM144D High Pressure Gas Quenching - A Leap in Performance vs. Press Quenching 35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM14
19FTM15Performance and Properties of a New, Alternative Gear Steel35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM15
19FTM16Material Properties and Tooth Root Bending Strength of Shot Blasted, Case Carburized Gears with Alternative Microstructures35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM16
19FTM17Chamfering of Cylindrical Gears - New Innovative Cutting Solutions for Efficient Gear Production 35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM17
19FTM18Influence of Manufacturing Variations of Spline Couplings on Gear Root and Contact Stress35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM18
19FTM19Micro-skiving - (r)evolution of a Known Production Process35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM19
19FTM20Rapid and Precise Manufacturing of Special Involute Gears for Prototype Testing35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM20
19FTM21A Comparison of Surface Roughness Measurement Methods for Gear Tooth Working Surfaces35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM21
19FTM22Influence of the Load-Dependent Shift of the Center Distance of Cylindrical Gears on the Calculated Load Capacity and Noise Excitation Using an Analytical Mesh Stiffness Approach35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM22
19FTM23New Standardized Calculation Method of the Tooth Flank Fracture Load Capacity of Bevel and Hypoid Gears35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM23
19FTM24Calculated Scuffing Risk: correlating AGMA 925-A03, AGMA 6011-J14 and Original MAAG Gear Predictions35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM24
19FTM25Optimum Carburized and Hardened Case Depth35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM25
19FTM26Sizing of Profile Modifications for Asymmetric Gears35.0055.00TECH PAPER19FTM26
2000FTM01Minimization of In-Process Corrosion of Aerospace Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM01
2000FTM02The Calculation of Optimum Surface Carbon Content for Carburized Case Hardened Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM02
2000FTM03Comparison of New Gear Metallurgy Documents, ISO 6336-5 and AGMA 923 with Gear Rating Standards AGMA 2001 and 20023.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM03
2000FTM04Parametric Influences in the ISO Project Concerning Worm Gear Rating23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM04
2000FTM05Systematic Investigations on the Influence of Viscosity Index Improvers on EHL-Film Thickness 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM05
2000FTM06Did the Natural Convection Exist in Mechanical Power Transmissions? Theoretical and Experimental Results 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM06
2000FTM07An Analytical - FEM Tool for the Design and Optimization of Aerospace Gleason Spiral Bevel Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM07
2000FTM08Stock Distribution Optimization in Fixed Setting Hypoid Pinions23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM08
2000FTM09Cylindrical Gear Inspection and Bevel Gear Inspection - A Simple Task by Means of Dedicated CNC-Controlled Gear Inspection Machines 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM09
2000FTM10Bending Fatigue Investigation under Variable Load Conditions on Case Carburized Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM10
2000FTM11UltraSafe Gear Systems - Single Tooth Bending Fatigue Test Results 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM11
2000FTM12The Finite Strips Method as an Alternative to the Finite Elements in Gear Tooth Stress and Strain Analysis 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTM12
2000FTMS1Effects of Helix Slope and Form Deviation on the Contact and Fillet Stresses of Helical Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER2000FTMS1
20FTM01Quasi-static transmission error behavior under the composite effects of temperature and load65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM01
20FTM02Thermal Lead Correction for High Speed Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM02
20FTM03Validation of a Generalized Formulation for Load Sharing Behavior in Epicyclic Gears for Wind Turbines65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM03
20FTM04Effects of different shot peening treatments in combination with a superfinishing process on the surface durability of case-hardened gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM04
20FTM05Gear Sliding Losses65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM05
20FTM06A new approach for the calculation of worm shaft deflection in worm and crossed helical gear drives65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM06
20FTM07Case Study of ISO/TS 6336-22 Micropitting Calculation65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM07
20FTM08Service life of cylindrical and bevel gears under variable load and stresses65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM08
20FTM09Single Tooth Bending Fatigue Testing at any R Ratio65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM09
20FTM10Analysis of the operational behavior of a high-speed planetary gear stage for electric heavy-duty trucks in multi-body simulation65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM10
20FTMSETAGMA 2020 FTM Virtual Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER20FTMSET
21FTM01Investigation of the Effect of Application of Non-Conventional Root Profiles for Reduction of Bending Stresses in Helical Gear Drives65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM01
21FTM02Transient Friction and Wear Simulation of Worm Gears During Running-In65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM02
21FTM03Tooth Flank Fracture – Design Process for a New Test Gearing and First Test Results65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM03
21FTM04Effect of the ISO 6336 3:2019 Standard Update on the Specified Load Carrying Capacity Against Tooth Root Breakage of Involute Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM04
21FTM05Double Differential for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Transmissions – Sophisticated Simplicity65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM05
21FTM06Bevel Gear Strength Rating – The Appropriate Combination of FE with Rating Standards65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM06
21FTM07Use of Duty Cycles or Measured Torque-Time Data with AGMA Ratings65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM07
21FTM08Defining The Tooth Flank Temperature in High Speed Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM08
21FTM09Algorithm-Based Optimization of Gear Mesh Efficiency in Stepped Planetary Gear Stages for Electric Vehicles65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM09
21FTM10Particle-Based Phyllosilicate-Additive for Efficiency Improvement and Surface Protection65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM10
21FTM11Design and Simulation of a Back-to-Back Test Rig for Ultra High Cycle Fatigue Testing of Gears Under Fully Reversed Load65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM11
21FTM12NVH Analysis of an Axle Drive with Bevel Gearset65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM12
21FTM13Integrated Optimization of Gear Design and Manufacturing65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM13
21FTM14Investigation of Gear Surface Topography and Deviations in Gear Power Skiving Through Advanced CAD Modeling Based Simulation65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM14
21FTM15Power Skiving – A Step Changing Manufacturing Process Applicable to Multifunctional 5-Axis Machine Tools65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM15
21FTM16An Accurate Method of Generating Tool Paths for Helical Gears with Crowning Modifications Using a 5-axis CNC Machine65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM16
21FTM17Holistic Evaluation of Involute Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM17
21FTM18Enhanced Distortion Control – ISO Class 8 Gears After Case Hardening65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM18
21FTM19Tooth Root Bending Strength of Shot-Peened Gears Made of High-Purity Steels up to the VHCF Range65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM19
21FTM204D Quench – Taking Aerospace to New Heights65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM20
21FTMSETAGMA 2021 FTM Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER21FTMSET
22FTM01Development of a New Test Method to Investigate the Scuffing Load Carrying Capacity of Hypoid Gear Oils65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM01
22FTM02Mechanical Power Loss of Spur Gears Subject to Various Surface Finish Pairings65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM02
22FTM03Aspects of Gear Noise, Quality, and Manufacturing Technologies for Electro Mobility65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM03
22FTM04Optimizing the Operational Behavior of Double Helical Gears by Means of an FE-Based Tooth Contact Analysis65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM04
22FTM05In Process Measurement and Compensation for Manufacturing Skiving Cutters65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM05
22FTM06Methods for Checking the Profile of the Path of Contact of Involute Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM06
22FTM07Finding the Right Task for Optical Gear Metrology65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM07
22FTM09A New Low Pressure Carburizing Solution in a Pit vs. Traditional Pit Carburizing Methods65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM09
22FTM10Mathematical Model of a Straight Bevel Gear on the Straight Bevel Coniflex Generator and Gear Flank Correction65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM10
22FTM11Closed Loop for Gears: Some Case Studies65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM11
22FTM12Modern Green and Hard Machining of Double Helical Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM12
22FTM13Effect of Tooth Root Fillet Design on Tooth Root Stress in Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM13
22FTM14Investigations on the Tooth Root Bending Strength of Larger-Sized Induction Hardened Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM14
22FTM15On the Potential of High-Ratio Planetary Gearboxes for Next-Generation Robotics65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM15
22FTM16A Model for Considering Wheel Body Deformation in Tooth Contact Load Distribution65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM16
22FTM17A Decomposition of the Torsional Stiffness of a Worm Gearbox into Individual Components65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM17
22FTM18Unconventional Gear Profiles in Planetary Gearboxes65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM18
22FTM19Implementation of a Gear Health Monitoring System on a Power Recirculating Test Rig Using the Average Log Ratio (ALR) Algorithm65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM19
22FTM20Enhanced Calculation Method for Tooth Flank Fracture Risk with Consideration of Tensile Residual Stresses in Larger Material Depths65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM20
22FTM21Experimental Evaluation of Wind Turbine Gearbox Structural Models Using Fiber Optic Strain Sensors65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM21
22FTM22Test Rig for Crowned Spline-Joints with Optimized Surface Treatments Under Misaligned Conditions65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM22
22FTM23Results of ISO/TS 6336-22 Evaluating Full Contact Zone65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM23
22FTMSETAGMA 2022 FTM Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER22FTMSET
22SP1Noise Analysis for e-Drive Gears and In-Process Gear Inspection65.0085.00TECH PAPER22SP1
88FTM05A New Approach for the Derivation of Dynamic Loads of Heavily Loaded (d>e) High Speed Aircraft Gearing23.5047.00TECH PAPER88FTM05
88FTM13The Development of a Variable Center Distance Gear Noise Test Facility 23.5047.00TECH PAPER88FTM13
89FTM01Design Criteria of Advanced Technology Gearbox Gears for Aircraft Use23.5047.00TECH PAPER89FTM01
90FTM01Contact Stresses in Gear Teeth 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM01
90FTM02An Industrial Approach for Load Capacity Calculation of Worm Gears (Verifying and Design)23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM02
90FTM03Simulation of Meshing, Transmission errors and Bearing Contact for Single-Enveloping Worm-Gear Drives23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM03
90FTM04Different Types of Wear - How to Classify?23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM04
90FTM05Polishing Wear 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM05
90FTM06Dynamic Responses of Aircraft Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM06
90FTM07Advanced Rotorcraft Transmission Program - A Status Review 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM07
90FTM08Investigations on the Scuffing Resistance of High-Speed Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM08
90FTM09A Procedure that Accounts for Manufacturing Errors in the Design Minimization of Transmission Error in Helical 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM09
90FTM10The Mechanism of Failure with and without Titanium Nitride Coating in Roller Tests 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM10
90FTM11Multiple Iteration - Respectable Trial-and-Error 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM11
90FTM12Design of New Systems of Controlled Speed Drives23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM12
90FTM13Face Milling or Face Hobbing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM13
90FTM14A Closed and Fast Solution Formulation for Practice Oriented Optimization of Real Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Flank Geometry 23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM14
90FTM15Optimal Design of Straight Bevel Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTM15
90FTMS1Kinematic Analysis of Transmissions - Based on the Finite Element Method A23.5047.00TECH PAPER90FTMS1
91FTM01CNC Bevel Gear Generators and Flared Cup Formate Gear Grinding 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM01
91FTM02CNC Technology and New Calculation Methods Permit Efficient System Independent Manufacturing of Spiral Bevel Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM02
91FTM03High Efficiency Gear Hobbing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM03
91FTM04Low Noise Marine Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM04
91FTM05Machine Tool Condition Monitoring 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM05
91FTM06Comparing Surface Failure Modes in Bearings and Gears: Appearances versus Mechanisms 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM06
91FTM07Low Cycle and Static Bending Strength of Carburized and High Hardness Through Hardened Gear Teeth23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM07
91FTM08Methods of Statistical Dynamics for the Calculation of Gear Stress Distribution and its Effect on Gear Failure Probability 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM08
91FTM09Rerating Damaged Naval Ship Propulsion Gear 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM09
91FTM10Dynamic Measurements of Gear Tooth Friction and Load23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM10
91FTM11Initial Design of Gears Using Artificial Neural Net 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM11
91FTM12The Combined Mesh Stiffnness Characteristics of Straight and Spiral Bevel Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM12
91FTM13Separation of Lubrication and Cooling in Oil-Jet Lubricated Gears 23.0046.00TECH PAPER91FTM13
91FTM14The Effect of Thermal Shrink and Expansion on Plastic Gear Geometry 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM14
91FTM15Gear Hardness Technology 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM15
91FTM16Contact Analysis of Gears Using a Combined Finite Element and Surface Integral Method 23.0047.00TECH PAPER91FTM16
91FTM17The Influence of Lubrication on the Onset of Surface Pitting in Machinable Hardness Gear Teeth 23.5047.00TECH PAPER91FTM17
91FTMS1The Element Stress Analysis of a Generic Spur Gear Tooth23.0046.00TECH PAPER91FTMS1
92FTM01Experimental Characterization of Surface Durability of Materials for Worm Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM01
92FTM02Face Gear Drives: Design, Analysis, and Testing for Helicopter Transmission Applications 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM02
92FTM03Reduced Fuel Consumption and Emissions Due to Better Integration of Engine and Transmission 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM03
92FTM04The Design, Development and Manufacture of Advanced Technology Gearing for Hot Strip Rolling Mill Applications23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM04
92FTM05Main Advantages of Non-Involute Spur Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM05
92FTM06Comparison of Carburized Gear Materials in Pitting23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM06
92FTM07Differences in the Local Stress of the Gear Tooth Root Based on Hobbing Cutters and Pinion Cutters 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM07
92FTM08The Role of Reliability for Bearings and Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM08
92FTM09Representative Form Accuracy of Gear Tooth Flanks on the Prediction of Vibration and Noise of Power Transmission 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM09
92FTM10The Influence of the Kinematical Motion Error on the Loaded Transmission Error of Spiral Bevel Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM10
92FTM11New Findings on the Loading of Plastic Spur Gear Teeth 23.0046.00TECH PAPER92FTM11
92FTM12Noise Reduction in a Plastic and Powder Metal Gear Set Through Control of ôMean Involute Slopeö 23.5047.00TECH PAPER92FTM12
93FTM01Undercutting in Worms and Worm-Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM01
93FTM02Topological Tolerancing of Worm-Gear Tooth Surfaces 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM02
93FTM03A Rayleigh-Ritz Approach to Determine Compliance and Root Stresses in Spiral Bevel Gears Using Shell Theory 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM03
93FTM04Stress Analysis of Spiral Bevel Gear: A Novel Approach to Tooth Modelling 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM04
93FTM05Optimal Gear Design for Equal Strength Teeth Using Addendum Modification Coefficients 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM05
93FTM06Effect of Radial Runout on Element Measurements23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM06
93FTM07New Developments in Design, Manufacturing and Applications of Cylkro- (Face) Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM07
93FTM08Single Flank Testing and Structure-Born Noise Analysis 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM08
93FTM09Gear Tooth Bending Fatigue Crack Detection by Acoustic Emissions and Tooth Compliance Measurements 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM09
93FTM10High Speed, Heavily Loaded and Precision Aircraft Type Epicyclic Gear System Dynamic Analysis by Using AGMA Gear Design Guidelines Enhanced by Exact Definition of Dynamic Loads 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM10
93FTM11The Relative Noise Levels of Parallel Axis Gears Sets with Various Contact ratios and Gear Tooth Forms 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM11
93FTM12The Generation of Precision Spur Gears Through Wire Electrical Discharge Machining 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM12
93FTM13CAGE - Computer Aided Engineering Software 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTM13
93FTMS1Spur Gear Bending Strength Geometry Factors: A Comparison of AGMA and ISO Methods 23.5047.00TECH PAPER93FTMS1
94FTM01Fatigue Analysis of Shafts for Marine Gearboxes 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM01
94FTM02An Analytical Method for the Calculation of the Efficiency of Planetary Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM02
94FTM03Application of Ausforming to Gear Finishing - Process, Design and Manufacturability Issues 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM03
94FTM04Load Carrying Capacity of Nitrided Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM04
94FTM05A Special CVT for a New Power Train Concept 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM05
94FTM06A Boundary Element Procedure for Predicting Helical Gear Root Stresses and Load Distribution Factors 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM06
94FTM07Allowable Surface Compressive Stresses of Gear Teeth Made of Cast Iron, Tempered Carbon Steels and Tempered Alloy Steels23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM07
94FTM08Reference Point, Mesh Stiffness and Dynamic Behavior of Solid, Semi-Solid and Thin-Rimmed Spur Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM08
94FTM09Analytical and Experimental Vibration Analysis of a Damaged Gear 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM09
94FTM10Computerized Design and Generation of Low-Noise Gears With Localized Bearing Contact 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM10
94FTM11Development of Transfer Gear Noise of 4X4 Transmission for Recreational Vehicles 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTM11
94FTMS1Computer-Aided Numerical Determination of Hofer, Lewis, Niemann and Colbourne Points 23.5047.00TECH PAPER94FTMS1
95FTM01Detection of Hidden Runout 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM01
95FTM02Separation of Runout from Elemental Inspection Data 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM02
95FTM03The Effect of Manufacturing Errors on the Predicted Dynamic Factors of Spur Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM03
95FTM04An Experimental Test Stand to Measure Loaded Transmission Error in Fine-Pitch Plastic Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM04
95FTM05The Surface Fatigue Life of Contour Induction Hardened AISI 1552 Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM05
95FTM06Development of an Epicyclic Gearbox for Reduced Sub-Synchronous Vibrations in Gas Turbo-Generator Sets 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM06
95FTM07Experimental and Analytical Assessment of the Thermal Behavior of Spiral Bevel Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM07
95FTM08Miner's Rule A More Definitive Approach 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM08
95FTM09Bending and Compressive Stress Analysis of External Helical Gearsets of Varying Contact Ratios 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM09
95FTM10Efficiency of High Contact Ratio Planetary Gear Trains23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM10
95FTM11Feature-Based Definition of Bevel Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM11
95FTM12Flank Modifications in Bevel Gears Using a Universal Motion Concept 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM12
95FTM13Powder Metallurgy Gears Expanding Opportunities 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM13
95FTM14Study of Effect of Machining Parameters on Performance of Worm Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTM14
95FTMS1Determination of the Dynamic Gear Meshing Stiffness of an Acetal Copolymer23.5047.00TECH PAPER95FTMS1
96FTM01A Computer Based Approach Aimed at Reproducing Master Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Pinions and Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM01
96FTM02The New Way of Manufacturing Bevel and Hypoid Gears in a Continuous Process 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM02
96FTM03Noise Reduction Through Generated Engagement Relief Modification23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM03
96FTM04Traceable Calibration of Master Gears at PTB 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM04
96FTM05Differential Crowning: A New Weapon Against Gear Noise and Dynamic Load 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM05
96FTM06The F-22 AMAD Gear Drive Optimization of Resonance Characteristics by Detuning, Coulomb Damping & Damped Force Response Analyses 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM06
96FTM07Dynamic Distribution of Load and Stress on External Involute Gearings 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM07
96FTM08Thermal Rating of Gear Drives Balance Between Power Loss and Heat Dissipation23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM08
96FTM09The Development of a Practical Thermal Rating Method for Enclosed Gear Drives 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM09
96FTM10Scuffing Resistance of Vehicle Transmission Gears Collenberg 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM10
96FTM11DIN 3996: A New Standard for Calculating the Load Capacity of Worm Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM11
96FTM12An Investigation of Globoidal Wormgear Drives 23.5047.00TECH PAPER96FTM12
97FTM01Calibration of Gear Measuring Instruments and their Application to the Inspection of Product Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM01
97FTM02Determining Sound Power Levels of Enclosed Gear Drives Using the Sound Intensity Method 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM02
97FTM03Detection of Fatigue Cracks in Gears with the Continuous Wavelet Transform 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM03
97FTM04Plastic Gear Transmission Error Measurements and Predictions 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM04
97FTM05Improved Fniite Element Model for Calculating Stresses in Bevel and Hypoid Gear Teeth 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM05
97FTM06On the Location of the Tooth Critical Section for the Determination of the AGMA J-23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM06
97FTM07Bending Load on Internal Gears of Planetary Gear Sets 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM07
97FTM08New Guidelines for Wind Turbine Gearboxes 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM08
97FTM09Relations Between Wear and Pitting Phenomena in Worm Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM09
97FTM10Ultra-Safe Gear Systems for Critical Applications - Initial Development 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM10
97FTM11Non-Dimensional Characterization of Gear Geometry, Mesh Loss and Windage 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM11
97FTM12Introduction of a Jobbing System for Bevel and Hypoid Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM12
97FTM13Three Innovations Advance the Science of Shot Peening23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM13
97FTM14Refinements in Root Stress Predictions for Edges of Helical Gear Teeth 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM14
97FTM15Design, Generation, Stress Analyhsis and Test of Low-Noise, Increased Strength Face-Milled Spiral Bevel Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTM15
97FTMS1Coordinate Measurement and Reverse Engineernig of ZK Type Worm Gearing23.5047.00TECH PAPER97FTMS1
98FTM01 Method for Predicting the Dynamic Root Stresses of Helical Gear Teeth 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM01
98FTM02Mesh Friction in Gearing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM02
98FTM03Basic Studies on Fatigue Strength of Case-Hardened Gear Steel - Effects of Shot Peening and/or Barrelling Processes 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM03
98FTM04Effect of Uncontrolled Heat Treat Distortion on the Pitting Life of Ground, Carburized and Hardened Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM04
98FTM05Low Vibration Design on a Helical Gear Pair 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM05
98FTM06Calibration of Master Gears on Coordinate Measurement Machines 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM06
98FTM07Checker of 3D Form Accuracy of Hypoid & Bevel Gear Teeth for the New Generation of Quality Control 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM07
98FTM08New Test Methods for the Evaluation of Wear, Scuffing and Pitting Capacity of Gear Lubricants23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM08
98FTM09Studies on Improvement of Surface Durability of Case-Carburized Steel Gear - Effects of Surface Finish Processes upon Oil Film Formation 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM09
98FTM10Local Coefficients of Friction in Worm Gear Contacts23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM10
98FTM11Improving Pump Gear Geometry Through Secondary Gear Tooth Finishing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM11
98FTM12Gear Refurbishment, An Economical Approach for Aerospace Overhaul & Repair23.5047.00TECH PAPER98FTM12
99FTM01The Barkhausen Noise Inspection Method for Detecting Grinding Damage in Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM01
99FTM02Traceability Strategies for the Calibration of Spline and Serration Gauges 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM02
99FTM03Measurement Uncertainty for Pitch and Runout Artifacts 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM03
99FTM04Gear Oil Micropitting Evaluation 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM04
99FTM05Analysis of Micropitting on Prototype Surface Fatigue Test Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM05
99FTM06The Submerged Induction Hardening of Gears23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM06
99FTM07Ductile Iron as a Material for Open Gearing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM07
99FTM08Power-Dry-Cutting of Bevel Gears 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM08
99FTM09Dry Hobbing Process Technology Road Map 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM09
99FTM10Design and Testing of a Marine Gearbox 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM10
99FTM11Performance Study of Nitrided Gears in High Speed Epicyclic Gearbox Used in Gas Turbogenerators - A Case Study 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM11
99FTM12Gearbox Field Performance from a Rebuilder's Perspective 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM12
99FTM13Failures of Bevel-Helical Gear Units on Traveling Bridge Cranes 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM13
99FTM14The Effect of Material Defects on Gear Performance - A Case Study 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM14
99FTM15Theoretical Model for Load Distribution on Cylindrical Gears: Application to Contact Stress Analysis 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM15
99FTM16The Multi-Objective Optimization of Nonstandard Gears Including Robustness 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM16
99FTM17Synthetic Oils for Worm Gear Lubrication23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM17
99FTM18Effects of Wear on the Meshing Contact of Worm Gearing 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTM18
99FTMS1Modeling and Measurement of Sliding Friction for Gear Analysis 23.5047.00TECH PAPER99FTMS1
P229.22An Experimental Investigation of the Combined Effects of Rim Thickness and Pitch Diameter on Spur Gear Tooth Root and Fillet Stresses50.00100.00TECH PAPERP229-22