Straight Bevel Gear Cutting and Grinding on CNC Free Form Machines


Manufacturing of straight bevel gears was in the past only possible on specially dedicated machines. One type of straight bevel gears are those cut with a circular cutter with a circumferential blade arrangement. The machines and the gears they manufacture have the Gleason trade name Coniflex®. The cutters are arranged in the machine under an angle in an interlocking arrangement which allows a completing cutting process. The two interlocking cutters have to be adjusted independently during setup, which is complicated and time consuming.

The outdated mechanical machines have never been replaced by full CNC machines, but there is still a considerable demand in a high variety of low quantities of straight bevel ears. Just recently it was discovered that it is possible to connect one of the interlocking straight bevel gear cutter disks to a free form bevel gear generator and cut straight bevel gears of identical geometry compared to the dedicated mechanical straight bevel gear generator. A conversion based on a vector approach delivers basic settings as they are used in modern free form machines. The advantages are quick setup, high accuracy, easy corrections and high repeatability.
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