Calculation of load capacity of spur and helical gears - Part 30: Calculation examples for the application of ISO 6336 parts 1,2,3,5

ISO/TR 6336-30:2017


ISO 6336-1, ISO 6336-2, ISO 6336-3 and ISO 6336-5. The example calculations cover the application to spur, helical and double helical, external and internal cylindrical involute gears for both high speed and low speed operating conditions, determining the ISO safety factors against tooth flank pitting and tooth root bending strength for each gear set. The calculation procedures used are consistent with those presented in ISO 6336-1, ISO 6336-2, ISO 6336-3 and ISO 6336-5, unless qualifying comments are provided. Where qualifying comments have been included in this document, they reflect areas of the calculation procedures presented in the current standards where points of clarification are required or editorial errors have been identified. The changes defined within the qualifying comments will be implemented in future releases of ISO 6336-1, ISO 6336-2, ISO 6336-3 and ISO 6336-5. No additional calculations are presented here that are outside of the referenced documents.


Eight worked examples are presented with the necessary input data for each gear set provided at the beginning of the calculation. Calculation details are presented in full for one worked example, with all following examples having summarized results data presented in tabular format.


For all calculations in this document, the ISO accuracy grades according to ISO 1328-1:1995 are applied. Using the ISO tolerance classes of ISO 1328-1:2013 would lead to deviations of the calculation results.



This document was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 60, Gears, Subcommittee SC 2, Gear capacity calculation.