A Model to Predict Friction Losses of Hypoid Gears


Authors: Hai Xu, Ahmet Kahraman, Donald R. Houser, The Ohio State University
A model to predict friction--related mechanical efficiency losses of hypoid gear pairs is proposed, which
combines a commercial available finite element based gear contact analysis model and a friction coefficient
model with a mechanical efficiency formulation. The contact analysis model is used to provide contact
pressures and other contact parameters required by the friction coefficientmodel. The instantaneous friction
coefficient is computed by using a validated new formula that is developed based on a thermal
elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL)model considering non--Newtonian fluid. Computed friction coefficient
distributions are then used to calculate the friction forces and the resultant instantaneous mechanical
efficiency losses of the hypoid gear pair at a givenmesh angle. Themodel is applied to study the influence of
speed, load, surface roughness, and lubricant temperature as well as assembly errors on the mechanical
efficiency of an example face--hobbed hypoid gear pair.
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