The Optimal High Speed Cutting of Bevel Gears - New Tools and New Cutting Parameters


High speed carbide dry cutting improvements have a dependency of many important parameters upon the particular job situation, which makes it difficult for a manufacturing engineer to establish an optimal cutting scenario. An analysis of the different parameters and their influence on the cutting process, allows the establishment of five, nearly independent areas of attention: blade geometry and placement in the cutter head; cutting edge micro geometry; surface condition of front face and side relief surfaces; speeds and feeds in the cutting process; and, kinematic relationship between tool and work (climb or conventional cutting, vector feet). This paper presents explanations and guidelines for optimal high speed cutting depending on cutting method, part geometry and manufacturing environment. Also, how to choose the blade system, thus giving the manufacturing engineer information to support optimizing cutter performance, tool life and part quality.
ISBN: 1-55589-896-3 Pages: 13
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