Innovative Concepts for Grinding Wind Power Energy Gears


Over the past years wind power energy has gained greater importance to reduce CO2 emissions and thus antagonize global warming. The development of wind power is driven by increased performance, which requires larger wind turbines and gear boxes. The quality demands of those gears are increasing while the production cost must decrease. This requires new production methods to grind the gears. Profile grinding is known as a process to achieve highest possible quality, even for complex flank modifications, while threaded wheel grinding is known for high productivity. New machine concepts make it now possible to use both advantages at the same time. This paper will show the newest developments for cycle time reduction and increased workpiece quality using tool change systems to be able to use different grinding wheels for rough and finishing operation, workpiece clamping systems, and concepts of process integration for one workpiece flow.
ISBN: 978-1-55589-947-9 Pages: 12
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