Cylindrical gears - Code of inspection practice - Part 5: Recommendations relative to evaluation of gear measuring instruments

ISO/TR 10064-5:2005 Cor 1:2006

ISO/TR 10064-5:2005 provides additional information and examples to support the implementation of ISO 18653. It proposes evaluation and calibration procedures for involute, helix, pitch, runout, and tooth thickness measurement processes. Methods are given for the evaluation of condition and alignment of instrument elements such as centers, guideways, probe systems, etc. Recommendations are included for establishment of a proper environment and for statistical data evaluation procedures. It also covers the application of gear artifacts to the estimation of U95 measurement process uncertainty. Guidance is given on the application of measurement processes to the inspection of product gears, including fitness for use and the recommended limits for U95 uncertainty based upon the accuracy tolerances of product gears to be inspected. Many of its recommendations may also be applicable to the measurement of worms, worm wheels, bevel gears and gear cutting tools.