Longitudinal Tooth Contact Pattern Shift


After a period of operation high speed turbo gears may exhibit a change in the longitudinal tooth contact pattern reducing full face width contact and thereby increasing the risk of tooth distress due to the decreased loaded area of the teeth.
The phenomena may or may not occur. In some units the shift is more severe than others and has been observed in cases where there is as little as 16,000 hours of operation. In other cases there is no evidence of any change for units in operation for more than 170,000 hours. This condition has been observed primarily in helical gears. All recorded observations have been with case carburized hardened and ground gear sets.
This document describes the phenomena observed among some of many installed high speed gear units in field operation which have been inspected. The authors have not found any written material describing this behavior and upon further investigation suggest a possible cause. Left unchecked and without corrective action, this occurrence may result in tooth breakage.
ISBN: 1-978-61481-017-9 Pages: 11
Authors: J.B. Amendola, J.B. Amendola III, and D. Yatzook
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