Recent Inventions and Innovations in Induction Hardening of Gears and Gear-like Components Author: V. Rudnev


Presentation focuses on recent inventions and innovations (last 4­6 years) in induction hardening of gears and gear­like components, including but not limited to:
- "Know­how" in controlling distortion of induction hardened gears.
- Simultaneous dual-frequency induction hardening.
- Advanced induction hardening process recipes when hardening small and medium size gears.
- Novel inductor designs to minimize a distortion when induction hardening of hypoid and spiral bevel gears.
- IFP technology for induction gear hardening.
- Induction tempering and stress relieving of gear-like components with improved temperature uniformity.
Presentation also provides a review of basic principles and applications devoted to induction hardening small, medium and large size gears using tooth­by­tooth techniques and encircling method.
ISBN: 1-978-61481-055-1 Pages: 9
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