Reliable Measurements of Large Gears


Large gears have become an indispensable part of modern technical applications. The expanding industrial sectors of power generation and transmission, like shipbuilding industry, wind turbine generators and petroleum conveying systems, have led to an increasing demand for large scale gear boxes. Thus, the qualified measurement of large gears has become more and more important as well. Their conformance with specifications according to ISO 14253-1 [1] has to be proved, which is not possible without a qualified statement of the task-specific measurement uncertainty. As a consequence, the manufacturing processes cannot be controlled quantitatively and at a reasonable process capability level, especially if tolerances are small compared to the achievable measurement uncertainty. This specifically applies to large gears.
In this report three current projects are outlined and presented with a comparison for large involute gears. The measurement results are presented. As a second step towards traceable measurements of large gears, a special calibration laboratory shall be established. This is part of a joint research project, within which also a new measurement standard of 2 m in diameter has been developed. Lastly, information about a Joint Research Project within the European Metrology Research Program which will start in September 2014 is provided.
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