A Case Study in a Practical Application of Smart Gearbox Technology


The purpose of the paper is to discuss the development of smart gearbox technology using real-world application testing and data analysis, while keeping in mind the needs of the end-user in order to assist them in developing their monitoring system. It will describe the previous maintenance methodologies used and how the ever-changing needs of the industry require them to introduce a proactive maintenance system rather than a typically reactive approach.
It will explain the testing performed at the user's facility which helps gather the data that cannot be duplicated on a test system. It will then explain how after all the data is reviewed and analyzed, it is then relayed back to the user so it can be implemented by their maintenance departments. It will discuss reviewing the data of a failed gearbox during testing and how looking at the data can give a glimpse of how to understand what the data is telling us in regards to the end goal of the project
ISBN: 978-1-61481-099-5 Pages: 11
Author: A.J. Soder
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