Optimization of Power Density by Local Gear Failure Modeling


Power density is a key factor in gear design. Increasing the power density enables engineers to use smaller gears for their applications, which leads to smaller and lighter gear boxes. The most common way to design gears is using industry standards in which material strength can be obtained either from fatigue limit tables or by means of empirical formulae. Due to limited empirical data, a lot of averaging and approximations are used to make the available standards applicable to a wide range of applications. To design the gear closer to the power density limit, a high level of information is necessary. The paper shows how local FEA-based calculation approaches can be used to design gears closer to their power density limits for pitting, tooth root breakage, and flank fracture. The calculation results will be validated in running tests on different test rigs.

ISBN: 978-1-64353-014-7
Pages: 21
Authors: Marco Kampka, Christian Brecher, Christoph Löpenhaus

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