Impact of Root Geometry Manufacturing Deviations from a Theoretical Hob Rack on Gear Bending Stress


Gear reliability is a key requirement of any automotive transmission. Two common failure modes of gears are pitting and bending fatigue. So, the total gearing reliability depends upon the bending and pitting reliability. This paper discusses a comparison of a theoretical root fillet geometry generated by the hob racks of gear drawings to an actual measured tooth fillet geometry of manufactured gears, which determines the impact of the different root fillet geometries on tooth bending stresses. An emphasis is placed on the importance of using a root fillet geometry truly representative of the actual gears in production for the bending stress calculation so that the required bending reliability can be achieved in the field.

ISBN: 978-1-64353-016-1
Pages: 9
Authors: Rahul V. Nigade and Carlos H. Wink

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