In Process Measurement and Compensation for Manufacturing Skiving Cutters




Carbide skiving cutters present new challenges for manufacturing. We have developed two complementary methods to address this. Firstly: we have developed a grinding path compensation, allowing flank errors to be corrected, without altering the wheel profile. Secondly: we developed an in-process flank profile measurement procedure, using an analogue probe, which calculates the reference geometry for the flank profile, and graphs the measured deviations. For an involute reference curve, the measurement result will be directly comparable to a traditional gear measuring machine report. However, for complex geometries we can assess whether the ground flanks match the intended design directly, without referring to complex geometric design details. One can then see what compensation should be applied for the desired outcome, without removing the cutter from the machine.

Authors: Stephen Williams, Xiaoyu Wang

ISBN: 978-1-64353-125-0

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