Closed Loop for Gears: Some Case Studies



22FTM11. Closed Loop for Gears: Some Case Studies


The steps to realize good gears are design, manufacturing, measurement, and test. Each step has effect on the next one, and the last one turns back on the first one, and so on. This workflow is valid in several application, from gearboxes with zero-backlash, to automotive transmissions and industrial gearboxes for lifting in offshore application. This workflow is called “closed loop”

The paper will present some cases for bevel, cylindrical and worm gears:

  • exchange of information between design dept. and quality control to compare designed, estimated and realized microgeometry and LTCA
  • generation of K-Charts for the drawings that can be modified by the designer in case of exceptions for not respected but acceptable requirements,
  • estimation of the twist due to manufacturing process.

Authors: Massimiliano Turci, Vincenzo Solimine

ISBN: 978-1-64353-131-1

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