Results of ISO/TS 6336-22 Evaluating Full Contact Zone



22FTM23. Results of ISO/TS 6336-22 Evaluating Full Contact Zone


ISO/TS 6336-22 (Calculation of micropitting load capacity) is the ISO technical specification containing a proposal for calculations of the risk of micropitting in gear sets. It assesses micropitting risk through a safety factor calculated as the minimum specific film thickness divided by a permissible specific film thickness. In a previous paper, the calculations were performed using the simplified method (Method B) that evaluates points on the path of contact. This was done for three gear sets that experienced micropitting in operation. A more accurate calculation for these cases (Method A) calculates the specific film thickness across the entire contact zone. This paper applies this Method to the case study from the previous paper. The results are compared to micropitting observed in operation.

Authors: Robin Olson, David Talbot, Mark Michaud, Jonathan Keller, John Amendola, Sr.

ISBN: 978-1-64353-143-4

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