AGMA Information Sheet for Master Gears (NOTE: This standard is OBSOLETE)
AGMA 235.02
AGMA 235.02

NOTE: This standard is OBSOLETE. It should not be used in the design, manufacture, or inspection of gears, gear products, or flexible couplings.


This Information Sheet covers the requirements for master gears used for the inspection of spur and helical gears operating on parallel axes.


The Master Gear Committee was formed in November 1962 with an assignment to produce a Standard or Information Sheet on a crash program basis. The decision was made to limit our initial work to masters for checking spur and helical gears operating on parallel axes. It was evident from our very first meeting that definitions should be developed to avoid misunderstandings in many areas. These definitions are included as a part of the Information Sheet. It is the feeling that as soon as these items are specifically defined in other AGMA literature that they could be and should be eliminated from this Information Sheet.

In our studies we found that the majority of master gears are designed specifically to check a certain part or a series of gears in a train. Tables have been developed as a part of this Information Sheet to cover a standard (off the shelf) type master. We then

concentrated on the problems of the specially designed master. Every effort has been made to standardize the data required from the purposer to the designer and/or manufacturer. Conversely, every effort has been made to assure the purchaser of obtaining masters which wi.11 yield identical inspection results if ordered from more than one source,

The main text of this Information Sheet contains a minimum number of qualifications,

The work of this Committee has been coordinated with the Measuring Methods and Practices Committee and with MCTI.