Bevel and Hypoid Gear Geometry



This document specifies the geometry of bevel gears. The term bevel gears is used to mean straight, spiral, zerol bevel and hypoid gear designs. If the text pertains to one or more, but not all, of these, the specific forms are identified. The manufacturing process of forming the desired tooth form is not intended to imply any specific process, but rather to be general in nature and applicable to all methods of manufacture. The geometry for the calculation of factors used in bevel gear rating, such as ISO 10300 (all parts), is also included. This document is intended for use by an experienced gear designer capable of selecting reasonable values for the factors based on his/her knowledge and background. It is not intended for use by the engineering public at large. Annex A provides a structure for the calculation of the methods provided in this document.


ISO 23509:2016 was developed by Technical Committee ISO TC 60, Gears. The changes in the new document include:

  • minor corrections of several formulae;
  • the figures have been reworked;
  • explanations have been added in 4.4;
  • the structure of Formula (129) has been changed to cover the case ;
  • a formula for the calculation of cbe2 has been added as Formula (F.160);
  • the values for αnC and αnC in Formulae (F.318) and (F.319) have been extended to three decimal digits to prevent rounding errors.

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