AGMA Design Manual for Bevel Gears
AGMA 330.01 (historical standard)

NOTE: This standard is OBSOLETE. It should not be used in the design, manufacture, or inspection of gears, gear products, or flexible couplings.

AGMA 330.01, AGMA Design Manual for Bevel Gears

Published August 1965 (Reaffirmed December 1972)



Because of the widespread use of bevel gearing in industry and because of the many special problems associated with this type of gearing, it was felt there was a need for a practice relating to this field of gearing, which would give the designers further useful information.

A review of existing and proposed AGMA Standards indicated that there were many instances where there was a complete lack of data related to this field, and where additional information was either necessary or desirable.

To supply this information, it was decided to supplement the use of the AGMA Standards with the Design Manual for Bevel Gears. The bibliography at the end of this Manual lists other AGMA Standards relating to bevel gears, many of which are referred to in the text. It is suggested that the user of this Manual obtain copies of these Standards, if they are not already in his possession.

The first draft of the Design Manual for Bevel Gears was prepared by the Bevel Gearing Committee in March 1962. The Committee completed and approved the Manual in November 1964. It was approved by the AGMA Membership by letter ballot as of February 1965.


Scope and Purpose


This manual covers all types of bevel gears.


The purpose of this manual is to correlate and record the presently available data which may serve as a guide for the design, fabrication, inspection and mounting of bevel gears.


It is expected that the user of this manual will have a knowledge of basic mathematics and will have some experience in machine design exclusive of bevel gears.