Gear Classification Manual for Spur, Helical and Herringbone Gears
AGMA 390.01
AGMA 390.01
Gear Classification Manual for Spur, Helical and Herringbone Gears.

Description: This standard is obsolete and should not be used in the design, manufacture, or inspection of gears, gear products, or flexible couplings.
This manual sets up a practical gear classification system for spur, helical and herringbone gears. It represents the broad experience of many American Gear Manufacturers Association members. The gear-class system described here offers a language bridge for the gear designer, user, and manufacturer. In extremely simple terminology, gears are classified in terms of tolerances usually considered in manufacture and application. In addition, it lists the more common types of materials and heat-treatments. The system allows extensions and revisions for future advances in the technology of gear manufacture. Special applications falling outside the broad range of the system are usually a subject for special consideration involving the designer, user, and manufacturer. Sections II and V will eventually include an extensive tabulation of the literally thousands of end uses for gears. These application tables as presented allow for future additions as Quality Numbers are assigned to additional gearing applications.