Design Manual for Parallel Shaft Fine-Pitch Gearing

AGMA 917-B97

AGMA 917-B97

This manual provides guidance for the design of fine-pitch gearing of the following types:

  • Diametral pitch from 20 to 120;
  • Spur and helical (parallel axis);
  • External, internal and rack forms.

The guidance consists of the following:

  • Description of a design procedure in a series of steps;
  • Design information - data values, equations and recommended practices;
  • Additional design related material.

The English system of units is used in this manual.

Design Procedure
The description of the design procedure covers the following:

  • Establishing proportions of the gears;
  • Selecting detailed gear data;
  • Confirming suitability of the tentative design;
  • Controlling backlash;
  • Meeting contact ratio and other gear mesh requirements;
  • Specifying gear dimensions and tolerances.

Design Information
Information of the following subjects is supplied as required by the design procedure:

  • Analysis of tooth proportions and meshing conditions;
  • Inspection;
  • Gear tooth tolerances;
  • Gear blank design.

Additional Design Related Material
The following background and supplementary information is also supplied:

  • Manufacturing methods;
  • Gear material and heat treatment;
  • Lubrication;
  • Bearings.

The information in this manual is meant to serve only as a guide to the designer of fine-pitch gears. It is not intended that it be the procedure which must be followed in the design of such gears, nor is it implied that using the procedures and data will necessarily result in gears that will meet the requirements in every application. It remains the responsibility of the individual designer to properly evaluate the conditions in the particular application and to make use of prior experience or proper testing to confirm the suitability of the design.

Tooth Form (Spur and Helical Gearing, Internal and External)
The tooth form of the spur and helical gearing considered in this manual is involute. Unless specifically noted, all external spur and helical designs resulting from the procedures discussed in this manual will be conjugate with standard basic racks. See ANSI/AGMA 1003-G93.

[The foreword, footnotes and annexes, if any, in this document are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be construed as a part of AGMA 917-B97, Design Manual for Parallel Shaft Fine-Pitch Gearing.]

Although there is a great deal of information about parallel shaft fine-pitch gearing in the literature, it is widely scattered and a considerable number of areas are not well covered. As a result, this manual has been compiled to provide a central source of the best information available on the design, manufacture and inspection of fine-pitch gearing.

This manual is a revision of 370.01, Design Manual for Fine Pitch Gearing, 1973. Additions have been made to the design section to broaden the concepts of gear theory and the gear design process. Omitted from this Manual are wormgears, bevel gearing and face gearing which appeared in the original design manual. This information is available in other AGMA Standards.

An important feature of this manual is the bibliography to which the user is referred for additional data in each area.

Replaces AGMA 370.01.

Reaffirmed August 2022

ISBN: 1-55589-694-4

Pages: 84

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