HYPOLOID├┐ Gears with Small Shaft Angles and Zero to Large Offsets


Beveloid gears are used to accommodate a small shaft angle. The manufacturing technology used for beveloid gearing is a special set up of cylindrical gear cutting and grinding machines.
A new development, called Hypoloid gearing, addresses the desire of gear manufacturers for more freedom in shaft angles. Hypoloid gear sets can realize shaft angles between zero and 20┬░ and at the same time allow a second shaft angle (or an offset) in space which provides the freedom to connect two points in space.
In all wheel driven vehicles that traditionally use a transfer case with a pinion/idler/gear arrangement or a chain, the exit of the transfer case needs to be connected with the front axle. This connection necessitates the use of two CV joints, because the front axle input point has a vertical offset and is shifted sideways with respect to the transfer case exit. Compared to a single CV joint, the two CV connections are more costly and less efficient.
However, the newly developed Hypoloids can remedy the situation by offering more freedom in shaft angle and additional offset which eliminates the need for an additional CV joint. Moreover, the Hypoloid technology offers enhanced performance compared to beveloids with straight teeth. In addition to the automotive drive trains, Hypoloid technology can be applied to aircraft as well as general gearbox manufacturing.
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