Designing for Static and Dynamic Loading of a Gear Reducer Housing with FEA


A recent trend has been toward more user friendly products in the mechanical power transmission industry. One of these products is a high horsepower, right angle, shaft mounted drive designed to minimize installation efforts. Commonly referred to as "alignment free" type, this drive assembly offers quick installation with minimum level of expertise required. It is also more cost effective. These characteristics make this type of drive ideal for use in applications such as underground mining where there is little room to maneuver parts.
An alignment free drive is direct coupled to the driven shaft only; it is not firmly attached to a foundation or rigid structure. A connecting link or torque arm connects the drive to a fixed structure, which limits the drive's rotational movement about the driven shaft. The electric motor is supported by the reducer housing through a fabricated steel motor adapter; the coupling connecting the motor shaft and reducer shaft is enclosed by this motor adapter.
FEA was used to test the cast iron housing to determine any potential problem areas before production began. Once analyses were completed, the motor adaptor was redesigned to lower stresses using the information from the FEA and comparing it to the infield test data.
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