Point-Surface-Origin, PSO, Macropitting Caused by Geometric Stress Concentration, GSC


Point-Surface-Origin, PSO, macropitting occurs at sites of Geometric Stress Concentration, GSC, such as discontinuities in the gear tooth profile caused by micropitting, cusps at the intersection of the involute profile and the trochoidal root fillet, and at edges of prior tooth damage such as tip-to-root interference. When the profile modifications in the form of tip relief, root relief, or both are inadequate to compensate for deflection of the gear mesh, tip-to-root interference occurs. The interference can occur at either end of the path of contact, but the damage is usually more severe near the start-of-active-profile, SAP, of the driving gear.
An FZG-C gearset (with no profile modifications) was tested at load stage 9 and three pinion teeth failed by PSO macropitting. It is shown that the root cause of the PSO macropitting was GSC created by tip-to-root interference.
ISBN: 978-1-55589-986-8 Pages: 11 Authors: R.L. Errichello, C. Hewette, and R. Eckert
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