ConvoloidÃ’ Gearing Technology - The Shape Of The Future


Since the invention of the involute curve and the application thereof to gearing, the world has embraced and developed this type of gear tooth form to a very high degree of engineering and manufacturing excellence. Improvements in recent years have been relatively modest, since this form has been so rigorously studied and applied. The long term adoption of the involute is rooted in large part to the simplicity of its tools and field operation. Straight sided tools and conjugacy, even with limited changes in center distance, were consistent with the industrial revolution of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and the mechanically based machine tools of these ages. The recent ubiquitous nature of computers and CNC machinery exacerbates the cost effective freedom to optimize many parameters affecting gear tooth forms.
Convoloid is a new gear tooth form capable of increasing torques 20% to 35% over those of conventionally designed involute pairs. The form is computer optimized, is compatible with the world's existing capital asset infrastructure, and mirrors the manufacturing sequences, processes and basic production costs of involute gears. The result is a major enhancement in gear drive system power density and cost reduction for a given power requirement. Convoloid gearing is totally scalable and is used in parallel axis helical, planetary, and other configurations.
The design, rating (surface durability and bending), flash temperature analysis and other important performance criteria for this technology along with the manufacturing and inspection protocols in keeping with AGMA and ISO specifications will be discussed. Test results confirming many of the superior load carrying characteristics of this tooth form will be presented. Side by side comparisons of involute versus Convoloid designs and test performance results will be presented confirming the validity of the theory.
ISBN: 1-978-61481-018-6 Pages: 18
Authors: B.E. Berlinger, Jr. and J. Colbourne

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