Involute Spiral Face Couplings and Gears: Design Approach And Manufacturing Technique


Face gears typically have a straight or skewed tooth line and varying tooth profile in normal cross section at different radii from major to minor diameter. These face gears are engaged with spur or helical involute pinions at intersecting or crossed axes.
This paper presents spiral face gears with involute tooth line and identical tooth profile in the normal section at any radius. There are two main applications for such face gears. One of them is an alternative solution with certain advantages in performance and fabrication technology to the straight tooth, Hirth, or Curvic flange couplings. Another application is when a face gear is engaged with an involute helical pinion or worm at intersecting or crossed axes. Such engagement is also used in HeliconĀ® type gears.
The paper describes gear geometry analysis, and design technique of spiral face involute gears with symmetric and asymmetric tooth profiles. It also explains a highly productive hobbing method of these gears and tool design specifics, and illustrates gear and tool design with numerical examples.
ISBN: 978-1-61481-102-2
Pages: 9
Authors: A.L. Kapelevich, S.D. Korosec
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