The Element Stress Analysis of a Generic Spur Gear Tooth


The prediction of bending stresses in a gear tooth, resulting from an externally applied torque, requires special consideration when designing spur gear systems. The tooth geometry is such that excess risers exist which must be accounted for. In addition, variables affecting the exact load point on the tooth and the direction of the applied load are critical. An interactive preprocessor is developed which generates all the information, including a detailed tooth profile, necessary to perform a finite element bending stress analysis of the gear system. To validate the procedure, a test group of spur gears is identified and analyzed. The results are compared to those obtained via the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standards. The comparison revealed the finite element stresses to be slightly more conservative than corresponding AGMA standard stresses. A generalized stress equation and geometry factor, based on the finite element approach, are also introduced. This paper is intended only as a proof of concept.
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