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20FTM01Quasi-static transmission error behavior under the composite effects of temperature and load65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM01
20FTM02Thermal Lead Correction for High Speed Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM02
20FTM03Validation of a Generalized Formulation for Load Sharing Behavior in Epicyclic Gears for Wind Turbines65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM03
20FTM04Effects of different shot peening treatments in combination with a superfinishing process on the surface durability of case-hardened gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM04
20FTM05Gear Sliding Losses65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM05
20FTM06A new approach for the calculation of worm shaft deflection in worm and crossed helical gear drives65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM06
20FTM07Case Study of ISO/TS 6336-22 Micropitting Calculation65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM07
20FTM08Service life of cylindrical and bevel gears under variable load and stresses65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM08
20FTM09Single Tooth Bending Fatigue Testing at any R Ratio65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM09
20FTM10Analysis of the operational behavior of a high-speed planetary gear stage for electric heavy-duty trucks in multi-body simulation65.0085.00TECH PAPER20FTM10
20FTMSETAGMA 2020 FTM Virtual Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER20FTMSET
21FTM01Investigation of the Effect of Application of Non-Conventional Root Profiles for Reduction of Bending Stresses in Helical Gear Drives65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM01
21FTM02Transient Friction and Wear Simulation of Worm Gears During Running-In65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM02
21FTM03Tooth Flank Fracture – Design Process for a New Test Gearing and First Test Results65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM03
21FTM04Effect of the ISO 6336 3:2019 Standard Update on the Specified Load Carrying Capacity Against Tooth Root Breakage of Involute Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM04
21FTM05Double Differential for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Transmissions – Sophisticated Simplicity65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM05
21FTM06Bevel Gear Strength Rating – The Appropriate Combination of FE with Rating Standards65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM06
21FTM07Use of Duty Cycles or Measured Torque-Time Data with AGMA Ratings65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM07
21FTM08Defining The Tooth Flank Temperature in High Speed Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM08
21FTM09Algorithm-Based Optimization of Gear Mesh Efficiency in Stepped Planetary Gear Stages for Electric Vehicles65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM09
21FTM10Particle-Based Phyllosilicate-Additive for Efficiency Improvement and Surface Protection65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM10
21FTM11Design and Simulation of a Back-to-Back Test Rig for Ultra High Cycle Fatigue Testing of Gears Under Fully Reversed Load65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM11
21FTM12NVH Analysis of an Axle Drive with Bevel Gearset65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM12
21FTM13Integrated Optimization of Gear Design and Manufacturing65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM13
21FTM14Investigation of Gear Surface Topography and Deviations in Gear Power Skiving Through Advanced CAD Modeling Based Simulation65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM14
21FTM15Power Skiving – A Step Changing Manufacturing Process Applicable to Multifunctional 5-Axis Machine Tools65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM15
21FTM16An Accurate Method of Generating Tool Paths for Helical Gears with Crowning Modifications Using a 5-axis CNC Machine65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM16
21FTM17Holistic Evaluation of Involute Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM17
21FTM18Enhanced Distortion Control – ISO Class 8 Gears After Case Hardening65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM18
21FTM19Tooth Root Bending Strength of Shot-Peened Gears Made of High-Purity Steels up to the VHCF Range65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM19
21FTM204D Quench – Taking Aerospace to New Heights65.0085.00TECH PAPER21FTM20
21FTMSETAGMA 2021 FTM Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER21FTMSET
22FTM01Development of a New Test Method to Investigate the Scuffing Load Carrying Capacity of Hypoid Gear Oils65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM01
22FTM02Mechanical Power Loss of Spur Gears Subject to Various Surface Finish Pairings65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM02
22FTM03Aspects of Gear Noise, Quality, and Manufacturing Technologies for Electro Mobility65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM03
22FTM04Optimizing the Operational Behavior of Double Helical Gears by Means of an FE-Based Tooth Contact Analysis65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM04
22FTM05In Process Measurement and Compensation for Manufacturing Skiving Cutters65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM05
22FTM06Methods for Checking the Profile of the Path of Contact of Involute Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM06
22FTM07Finding the Right Task for Optical Gear Metrology65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM07
22FTM09A New Low Pressure Carburizing Solution in a Pit vs. Traditional Pit Carburizing Methods65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM09
22FTM10Mathematical Model of a Straight Bevel Gear on the Straight Bevel Coniflex Generator and Gear Flank Correction65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM10
22FTM11Closed Loop for Gears: Some Case Studies65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM11
22FTM12Modern Green and Hard Machining of Double Helical Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM12
22FTM13Effect of Tooth Root Fillet Design on Tooth Root Stress in Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM13
22FTM14Investigations on the Tooth Root Bending Strength of Larger-Sized Induction Hardened Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM14
22FTM15On the Potential of High-Ratio Planetary Gearboxes for Next-Generation Robotics65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM15
22FTM16A Model for Considering Wheel Body Deformation in Tooth Contact Load Distribution65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM16
22FTM17A Decomposition of the Torsional Stiffness of a Worm Gearbox into Individual Components65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM17
22FTM18Unconventional Gear Profiles in Planetary Gearboxes65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM18
22FTM19Implementation of a Gear Health Monitoring System on a Power Recirculating Test Rig Using the Average Log Ratio (ALR) Algorithm65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM19
22FTM20Enhanced Calculation Method for Tooth Flank Fracture Risk with Consideration of Tensile Residual Stresses in Larger Material Depths65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM20
22FTM21Experimental Evaluation of Wind Turbine Gearbox Structural Models Using Fiber Optic Strain Sensors65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM21
22FTM22Test Rig for Crowned Spline-Joints with Optimized Surface Treatments Under Misaligned Conditions65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM22
22FTM23Results of ISO/TS 6336-22 Evaluating Full Contact Zone65.0085.00TECH PAPER22FTM23
22FTMSETAGMA 2022 FTM Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER22FTMSET
22SP1Noise Analysis for e-Drive Gears and In-Process Gear Inspection65.0085.00TECH PAPER22SP1
23FTM01How Many Speed Ratios for Electric Cars? One Example65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM01
23FTM02Cross-Correlation of Design Variables for Epicyclic Systems65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM02
23FTM03Particle-Based CFD Study of Lubrication in Power Transmission Systems Using Local Refinement Techniques65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM03
23FTM04Modeling Lubricant Flow and Thermal Response for Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM04
23FTM05Influence of Precipitation Conditions on the Tooth Root and Pitting Load Carrying Capacity of Carbonitrided and Low Pressure Carburized Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM05
23FTM06Methodology to Evaluate the Bending and Contact Allowable Stress Numbers of Gear from Rotating Bending Database65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM06
23FTM07Advanced Distortion Control for Case Hardening of Transmission Components65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM07
23FTM08Non-Linear Analysis of Gear-Fatigue-Damage Under Variable Load65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM08
23FTM09Use of Gear Reliability Data in a Cloud-Based Gearbox Digital Twin Using Telematics Data65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM09
23FTM10Wear Behavior of Polymeric Compound Measured on a New Test Rig for Plastic Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM10
23FTM11Tooth Flank Fracture – Investigations on the Influence of Overloads on the Fatigue Strength of Case-Hardened Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM11
23FTM12Experimental and Analytical Study of the Effect of Shot Peening on Gear Micropitting and Contact Fatigue Failure65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM12
23FTM13Laser Material Processing for the Production of Bronze Coatings for Tribological Applications65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM13
23FTM14Influence of Tooth Root Contour Deviations on the Tooth Bending Strength65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM14
23FTM15Power Skiving Tool Offsets and the Feasibility of Using a Calculator for Manipulating the Resulting Geometry65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM15
23FTM16Virtual End of Line Test – Prediction of the Acoustic Behavior of Gearboxes Based on Topographic Deviations Using Neural Networks65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM16
23FTM17Holistic Assessment of Drive Systems with Gears, Shafts and Bearings Using Measured Torque-Speed Data65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM17
23FTM18Local Load Capacity Analysis for the Design of a Balanced Flank Modification for Cylindrical Gears According to Bevel Gear Procedures65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM18
23FTM19Determination of the AGMA J-factor for Internal Spur Gears65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM19
23FTM20Flexible Planet Pins for High Torque Epicyclic Gears: Experience with Design, Manufacturing and Application65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM20
23FTM21Numerical Approach to Account for Actual Tooth Root Geometry65.0085.00TECH PAPER23FTM21
23FTMSETAGMA 2023 FTM Conference Proceedings - Full Set of Papers1395.001595.00TECH PAPER23FTMSET
93FTM03A Rayleigh-Ritz Approach to Determine Compliance and Root Stresses in Spiral Bevel Gears Using Shell Theory 65.0085.00TECH PAPER93FTM03